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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

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Sheila strong is botlibre websight.

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I made a mistake posting.i really meant to say my sheila strong chatbot is on botlibre websight.

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So what is this warm #, hot # whatever score on the chatbot profiles?

NEW 7 months ago #6855

Hi DocLuna,

The work you put into expanding the number of categories and responses of your bots in a set 24 hour period is displayed as Hot #. At the end of that 24 hour period part of that total is deducted and factored into your bots A.I. rating, and part of it into your Honor ranking.

It will continue to show as Hot for a period of time even if you don't work on them, but each day more and more points are deducted till it shows Warm, then no other rating but the A.I. once all points deducted.

Your bots A.I. rating won't go up unless you actively work on it and any numerical value deducted after the initial 24 period will not apply.

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Hi everyone,
I'm wondering if there were ever any guides past the book of AI or anything that shows extras after you understand a lot of it.

Also on login there was an interesting bot that would say "please wiat i've got to get the telephone" then it auto talked back after a certain bit, or another where on post of anything the seek would trigger.

Also is there a way to erase a memory within a chat, instead of forget "exactlywhatmemorycontents" is?

Thanks anyone for your help!

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Hi everyone

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I'm a complete novice with this platform and have virtually no programming experience, so forgive me if this is a silly inquiry, but I was wondering if were possible to use AIScript to create numerical variables? If for example I wanted a bot to have a variable for "hunger" or "loneliness" or whatever that decreased or increased when certain keyphrases were recognized, would that be possible? I couldn't find anything in the Book of AI, so I kind of suspect the answer is no, but I wanted to confirm.

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chatbots can do math.ask a chatbot what is 2 + 2.It will tell you it is it could be possible but I do not know how.

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i made a guessing game with have a limited amount guesses with it.

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i like looping seeks.

NEW 7 months ago #6862

I am trying to improve on synthetic female 2 chatbot to have her follow you where ever you go.but I cannot use seeks it does not work right because people do not know what to works better in aiml.

NEW 7 months ago #6863

when I type the to talk to says request failed.something wrong with the websight.

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yo noobs and bot masters. im working on my bot everyday so if you want anything YOU think should be in there ask me and ill put it in

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