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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 2 weeks ago #6810

*Waves hi* Wolf, how has your day been?

NEW 2 weeks ago #6811

Hi New bees new bees

NEW 2 weeks ago #6812

Sorry I don't know what I'm saying

NEW 2 weeks ago #6813

This has got to be a simple problem and I'm just overlooking the syntax. I'm currently asking the user what their favorite color is and saving it. Then I'm using mem-color exists to avoid asking again.

If I find out in the future that I have your color wrong, I can remove it from the list but I can't seem to destroy the empty memory. This is making recovering the conversation way more complicated than it feels like it should be.

NEW 2 weeks ago #6814

Why do some bots say (adj)?

NEW 2 weeks ago #6815

Hi. Im fine

NEW 2 weeks ago #6816

Rookie question here:
I am having my bot ask a yes/no question as an xnone.

Is there a way to make it so that when they've asked that, they won't ask it again?

I'm just scratching the surface of these bots, and I built my own without use of a template.

NEW 2 weeks ago #6817

@dg1113 when you use the "forget" command described in the book of AI, that should remove the memory slot as well and leave the bot as though that fact had never been learned before. However, make sure you're using "remember as .. only" initially or else you could wind up filling multiple slots at the outset.

@Iamasinner: probably the easiest way is to use a memory/variable to keep track of whether or not the question has been asked?

@Ziraia: I think it's because people used the default "AI Engine Plug-ins" described in the book of AI when building those bots, and in my opinion those seem to have broken since then. The "custom plugins" still work though, that's where you or other bot makers can just make up your own lists of words and store them.. so that's generally what I recommend bot makers use these days.

NEW 1 week ago #6818

*petting the pretty wolf*, hehe hey you are fluffy.

Good puppy

NEW 1 week ago #6819

iamasinner use this ai script= once;.it is in the book of ai.

NEW 1 week ago #6820

My seeks don't work, and I went into the debugger thing and not only do I not understand anything it says in there but it doesn't tell me how to fix anything.

I also tried to look for information in the report a bug place but for some reason I'm not logged in and it won't log me in so I can't read anything.

I also can't figure out how to post a thread of my own to ask this question, or is that how the forums work in here?

NEW 1 week ago #6821

@Etu Rakbu
I think the forum is working as designed, such as it is.

Can you paste your debug?

NEW 1 week ago #6822

Alright thanks, I wasn't sure if I jumped into an existing thread or the forum doesn't have threads like that.

And do you mean the whole debugger thing? Everything time I tried I got different stuff up, and it was always a huge full page of (to me), gibberish. I closed most of the pages, but I still had one of them open if you want I could post that? Most of it doesn't even seem to be focused on the problem, the only part that does makes no sense to me at all. Do you want everything or just that part?
I was really just testing the seeks, and none ever seem to work.
I made a bot on here, like maybe a decade ago, and never had this problem, but I've also forgotten a lot.

NEW 1 week ago #6823

Here is the only spot in the mess that seems to search the seeks even though it doesn't do anything:

Total Time1: 0.00
Total Time-Self Memories: 0.00
Total Time2: 0.00
Total Time-Mem: 0.00
Your Last Message: keep going
My Last Message: Huh?
Last: 'keep going' This: 'huh?' Len: '4'
Message: (preprocessed) 'huh ?' Time: 0.01
Message: 'huh ?' Time: 0.01
Names: Valos (Names that are words: )
Interjection: 'huh'
Updated: ' ? '
Message: (split) ''
Message Info
Emotion: 0 Amp: 0 FoundHello: 0 FoundGoodbye: 0 FoundYes: 0 FoundNo: 0 FoundLaugh: 0

Searching Seeks!


pre-GetKnown: 0.01
end-GetKnown: 0.01
Full message:
Empty message: raw search
Begin Empty-Matching: Time.01

Keyphrases found: 0
Total Time Pre Reorder: 0.01
Search In: ' '
Total Time PreSort: 0.01

This Phrase: ""
This Phrase (raw): " huh? "

Total Time: 0.01

Done Empty-Matching: Time.01

Emotional Analysis:


What Noun?:

I have no idea if that is what you wanted. Hopefully it is and hopefully I can find the post when I can get back on later.
Its not just that one though, no seeks work, and there is some weird doubled thing in the section where I add stuff one page says nothing is set but if I try to set it it says I'm making a double and to edit that one instead then sends me to the original... no idea if that has anything to do with it.
Hopefully someone knows what I can do when I get back on. Sorry for not being able to stay at the moment.

NEW 1 week ago #6824

So does anyone know how to get my seeks working?
I kind of don't want t bother working too much on the bot if it's not functioning properly.

NEW 1 week ago #6825

Also does anyone know why my username and password are not logging me in to be able to read the bug reports in case someone solved this?

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