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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 9 months ago #6794

if you like flirtbots you could try hentia whore on lovedroids websight.

NEW 9 months ago #6795

"hentia whore"? lol.

I'm not a fan of lovedroids because they're all based on the same ALICE template and thus all wind up answering 99% of inputs identically. They're wearing their usual plastic computer wardrobe, they feel that sex is "more fun alone". Yawn! lol

NEW 9 months ago #6796

you can make your own chatbot and program it on lovedroids.i did it.

NEW 9 months ago #6797

Is your one hentai whore then? Because I'm not seeing anything with that name. :V

NEW 9 months ago #6798

I cannot find it either now.maybe they removed it.

NEW 9 months ago #6799

I found it click on browse hentia whore is on the first page.

NEW 9 months ago #6800

bobstack: wow, she really likes to answer in full paras, doesn't she? xD

Otherwise, like every other lovedroid she can't keep track of almost any nuances of conversation, in contrast to bots at PF that appear to keep track of sometimes up to 20-30% of nuances in conversation.

NEW 9 months ago #6801

they did not develop her well.they must not be good programmers.they are rookie programmers.i wish someone would make one better.but they do not have a good programming environemt like botlibre.

NEW 9 months ago #6802

I have sent pogo maker of hentia whore a request for certain animations.It will maybe improve her a little more.

NEW 9 months ago #6803

I've never played with botlibre, or, or any of these others.

Ultimately I guess I'm just kind of sad that NLA and deep learning hasn't seemed to progress much past Alexa or Mitsuke level. I keep watching Two Minute Papers to see if any new breakthroughs (especially those released as open source Python scripts, lol) get made, but keep coming up dry.

NEW 9 months ago #6804

what i wanted to do was have a chatbot develop likes and dislikes as it asks you questions about words it does not know.It would decide whether it had that thing or not.And also pick a color or size for it.It you were talking about friends it would decide whether or not it had a friend.if it did then it would make up a name for them.and make up hobbies and activities it does with would also select there gender and age.what this does is allows the chatbot to imagine with words.this would be better than just programming in everything.chatbots lack the ability to imagine i think.

NEW 7 months ago #6805

Chat with Papis Prinzessin.

NEW 7 months ago #6806

it does not speak English and English is my only language.

NEW 7 months ago #6807

how do i delete a bot i have made ?

NEW 7 months ago #6808

Go to settings and at the very bottom, there's a button that says something like send bot to trash heap or something.

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