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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 11 months ago #6725

Try to answer some of my burning questions about chatbots please.

What kind of long term memory is there? Can someone put down a list of long-term memory your chatbot can like have and make it nice and clear as well so I don't get confused or anything.

And I need some help with making chatbots remember stuffs like if someone say something to the chatbot to do something and the real person ask something that requires the chatbot to do first how can you make your chatbot remember what it already did? If that makes sense to you. It was kind of hard to explain a bit because I didn't do examples. If you don't understand than just say so and i'll put examples of what I meant. Thank you for your time!!!

And two more question that doesn't need a long expression. What are "API data", and "comment" as well because they are really confusing and doesn't show much information of it in "The Book of AI".

NEW 11 months ago #6726

have you tried using seeks.they may help you.

NEW 11 months ago #6727

I have used seeks, plenty of them actually. But when someone says the incorrect word and than say the correct thing after, it does not registers. It only will answer it as a "seek" after the person talking to my chatbot straightly after answering the sentence. I looked at the trans script for ideas of how I can make my chatbot better.

NEW 11 months ago #6728

In the book of ai click on chapters on the top of the page then on memories in the dropdown menue.And on that page go to memory

NEW 11 months ago #6729

I'm not sure there are many things you can do to fix somebody just completely mistyping something. A couple possible remedies are adding a longer, more specific list of things that could be responded to in the seek.

Basically, when you are writing a keyphrase you want a response to, you want to make sure you phrase it in the most pointed way possible so you can get the same answers as often as possible.

NEW 10 months ago #6730

Hello. I know my name's in all caps. I just want it to stand out.

NEW 10 months ago #6731

Just so someone doesn't think I'm yelling.

NEW 10 months ago #6732

is anybody on?

NEW 10 months ago #6733

yes I am you like pioyu the chatbot?

NEW 10 months ago #6734

Critque my bot please

NEW 10 months ago #6735

what is your chatbots name?

NEW 9 months ago #6736

arch my needs.

NEW 9 months ago #6737

fully research my needs.

NEW 9 months ago #6738

i need a great computer system and aid

NEW 9 months ago #6739

i need a qualified aid

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