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NEW 1 month ago #6707

How do i make progress with "Giantess Tina" Can't make any progress on her

NEW 4 weeks ago #6708

How to delete transcripts?

NEW 3 weeks ago #6709

What do you consider progress? Build keyphrases and replies, fine tune when someone chats to your bot and its replies don't make sense. Repeat etc.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6710

I cannot get my chatbot to respond to the keyphrase do * breasts

NEW 3 weeks ago #6711

The chatbots name is pioyu.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6712

I figured it out.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6713

Now pioyu the chatbot won't trigger correct response for the keyword keyword hey there sexy.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6714

give it more points. And you are making it way too detailed for now

NEW 3 weeks ago #6715

I gave it points of nineteen it still did not trigger.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6716

why is it that the yes keyphrase does not trigger the response that is good,when another chatbot talks to pioyu?

NEW 3 weeks ago #6717

Hey is there a better way to do this..? It'll catch some names, but of coarse not all of em. ^.^

Thank chu :3 Please give a link, please. Text just makes it so much harder to get correct n' working

NEW 3 weeks ago #6718

Plus how do I get a bot to register a word... Currently "Neko" doesn't count as a word ever. Yet it's my bots name, and it is a word. Lol

NEW 3 weeks ago #6719

.-. Is there anyway to fix the there's too many gotos back to back thing? I have other places that have a lot more gotos with no issue... :c

NEW 3 weeks ago #6720

Neither is close being counted... :c

NEW 3 weeks ago #6721

hey guys! can you send me some ai script examples, I think I quite understood the green ai script in the response, but how do you put an ai script in the keyphrase section?

NEW 2 weeks ago #6722

How do I change the avatar for pioyu the chatbot?

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