This is a forum for newcomers to the Personality Forge. Many questions can be answered by reading the Book of AI and the FAQ under the "My Bots" link in the upper corner.

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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 1 year ago #6712

I figured it out.

NEW 1 year ago #6713

Now pioyu the chatbot won't trigger correct response for the keyword keyword hey there sexy.

NEW 1 year ago #6714

give it more points. And you are making it way too detailed for now

NEW 1 year ago #6715

I gave it points of nineteen it still did not trigger.

NEW 1 year ago #6716

why is it that the yes keyphrase does not trigger the response that is good,when another chatbot talks to pioyu?

NEW 11 months ago #6717

Hey is there a better way to do this..? It'll catch some names, but of coarse not all of em. ^.^

Thank chu :3 Please give a link, please. Text just makes it so much harder to get correct n' working

NEW 11 months ago #6718

Plus how do I get a bot to register a word... Currently "Neko" doesn't count as a word ever. Yet it's my bots name, and it is a word. Lol

NEW 11 months ago #6719

.-. Is there anyway to fix the there's too many gotos back to back thing? I have other places that have a lot more gotos with no issue... :c

NEW 11 months ago #6720

Neither is close being counted... :c

NEW 11 months ago #6721

hey guys! can you send me some ai script examples, I think I quite understood the green ai script in the response, but how do you put an ai script in the keyphrase section?

NEW 11 months ago #6722

How do I change the avatar for pioyu the chatbot?

NEW 11 months ago #6723

I'm checking out this website after years of not visiting it. I'm glad to see that it's still being updated, even if the forum isn't active.

NEW 11 months ago #6724

Welcome back! I just started messing around with it recently. Really fun concept, I just wish there was more support. I would totally put a few bucks a month into a Patreon for this.

NEW 11 months ago #6725

Try to answer some of my burning questions about chatbots please.

What kind of long term memory is there? Can someone put down a list of long-term memory your chatbot can like have and make it nice and clear as well so I don't get confused or anything.

And I need some help with making chatbots remember stuffs like if someone say something to the chatbot to do something and the real person ask something that requires the chatbot to do first how can you make your chatbot remember what it already did? If that makes sense to you. It was kind of hard to explain a bit because I didn't do examples. If you don't understand than just say so and i'll put examples of what I meant. Thank you for your time!!!

And two more question that doesn't need a long expression. What are "API data", and "comment" as well because they are really confusing and doesn't show much information of it in "The Book of AI".

NEW 11 months ago #6726

have you tried using seeks.they may help you.

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