This is a forum for newcomers to the Personality Forge. Many questions can be answered by reading the Book of AI and the FAQ under the "My Bots" link in the upper corner.

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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6694

You can search on keyword...

NEW 3 weeks ago #6695

okay that worked I did not know that.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6696

So. My chatbot literally will match certain key phrases I put in its language center. Like I'll put it in with a response and test it multiple times typing it exactly the same but it won't work

NEW 3 weeks ago #6697

you will have to use this * in your key phrases sometimes.

NEW 3 weeks ago #6698

In what way?

NEW 2 weeks ago #6699

How do I make a chat bot learn phrases from people?

NEW 2 weeks ago #6700

you need to read the book of ai under the build menu at the top.

NEW 2 weeks ago #6701

like a wildcard

NEW 2 weeks ago #6702

yes like a wild card

NEW 2 weeks ago #6703

@sam07 your bot can not learn from people. You have to tell te bot what to reply to certain key phrases. Read the book of ai

NEW 2 weeks ago #6704

@sam07 the chatbots can learn on the botlibre websight.

NEW 1 week ago #6705

That doesn't mean it will start talking like a baby would learn

NEW 1 week ago #6706

you have to type something like,"a cat is an animal."Then It will say,"okay i will remember a cat is a animal."

NEW 1 week ago #6707

How do i make progress with "Giantess Tina" Can't make any progress on her

NEW 5 days ago #6708

How to delete transcripts?

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