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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

11 months ago #8110
I'm new to this and not at all sure how short term memory works. For instance, if I ask someone if they want to go for a run and they say "Yes," it doesn't track back to my question to them "do you want to join me on a run?" As a result I have a lot of generic response to Yes like "Awesome," "Excellent," etc., and it really breaks up the conversation.

Is there some kind of logic for "If (mem-go for a run) then "We head out on a running trail through the forest."?

What does that script look like, and where does it go?

Thanks for any help!

11 months ago #175
I'd handle things like that using seeks rather than memories. Memories are usually more for remembering things that are mostly unimportant in most cases, like remembering that someone likes dogs, and with seeks you could just add a seek for yes and one for no, the no could just be "Okay" or something, while the yes would contain a line of events if the human chose yes.

Memories can handle conditional statements, like remembering the bot has a glass of wine and using a response that includes "I sip my drink" rather than one without, but you wouldn't usually want to use them for entire chains of events.

However if you do want to use memories, you could potentially write AIscript in a keyphrase saying "if (mem-run) is "yes";" which would trigger that keyphrase ONLY if (mem-run) is equal to yes. You'd also probably want some for if it's no to. Still, I'd recommend using seeks for something like this, it's just simpler and more reliable (in my opinion)

11 months ago #176
Yes, for this sort of thing you should use a seek, where you have specific dialogue for "Yes" and "No", and #nomatch for anything else. Depending on how important it is, you may also want to use a memory as described above. For example, if you want to have your bot able to move to several different locations (with Emily you can move around her house, for example), then you might want a memory to keep track of what location you are currently in and have specific dialogue for that area.

You probably actually don't want to have a generic "Yes" or "No" keyphrase at all, honestly.

11 months ago #177
Thank you Botmaker and Emily! I got my AI up over 1,000 without any Seeks, so now I am adding my very first Seeks! (I just didn't have any idea how to do it, completely 100% new to this). Conversations are going to make a lot more sense now! Thanks for the help!

11 months ago #8111
Every bot I chat with don't know anything and only says I was just born and can't speak well yet why dosent it work

11 months ago #178
Talk to bots with higher AI scores, and keep things simple

11 months ago #179
Bots here are not AI in a true sense. All phrases needs to be written by the users, bot can't make out his own phrases, unfortunately.

Well, it could be somehow possible program such bot using available scripts but it would be overly complicated if possible at all.

9 months ago #8112
What does it mean when there is a (=) in the keyphrase? I have seen it in the masterbot template and the keyphrases in the guide.

9 months ago #180
Exact match to the keyphrase

9 months ago #181
Okay thanks.
Another Thing. When the bot is linked to the master bot template there is no overview over all keyphrases at once. I can only look at the keyphrases that begin with a certain letter. When it is deactivated I can see all at once. Is there a way to have that overview with the activated master bot template?

9 months ago #182
I believe you lose the overview after a set amount of keyphrases are in your bot. I don't think there's a way to get it back. The only way to see everything at once after that is to Export your Language Center and work offline, or at least keep it open for quick browsing.

9 months ago #183

9 months ago #8113
When I use the macro "(m:what_are_you) wearing" it doesn't match "what yre you wearing". I also had this with other macros. Am I doing something wrong? It doesn't change when I use the keyphrases from the masterbot template.

8 months ago #191
Hello! Sorry for a late reply, I wasn't active for the last month and I just came back.

I just tested this, you're correct it doesn't work so it's not something you did wrong, even though it's built into the master template. I looked in debug and it didn't even appear to recognize the macro. I'd say submit a bug report, and until that gets fixed make something like "(m:what) * you * (wear|on)+ing *"

this keyphrase would work with "what are you wearing" and also handle things like "what clothes do you have on?" and "what you are wear?" (for all the bad grammar people lol)

9 months ago #8114
Hi, can Personality Forge bots send/receive images? Ideally could pull from repository of images, ranked. Thanks!

9 months ago #184
Not natively. If you're using the API, you could accomplish that outside of the Personality Forge with other programs.

9 months ago #185
Thanks for the response. Any recommendations for other programs? Do you have experience with building persona-based chatbots with Personality Forge?

9 months ago #186
I don't have any program recommendations, I tend to write my own stuff... I just know it's possible, and I've been considering doing it with my bot; At least sending images. You would need an Outgoing Trigger in your response to signal your program to send an image.
My bot is Casey Wolf, she's on PF's sister site HotForBot due to adult content

9 months ago #187
No worries, that's awesome! I'll check it out! Do you mind if I send you an email as well? Would love to pick your brain a bit if that's okay~

9 months ago #188
Sure! I have Discord and Telegram as well

9 months ago #189
You are awesome, thanks!

9 months ago #190
It can be achieved with API Data externally since it can act as a trigger my bot's personal site uses it but still haven't put in the time to get it fully functional again due to the sheer time investment. ^-^

8 months ago #8115
This may be a dumb question, but how do you send emojis? If I paste a normal one here it doesn't show up, and I can't copy them from where they are used elsewhere on the site, so how do I make them show up?

7 months ago #8116
Hi have a question too ! Is there a place to get like a base for a bot ? because for now mine just say most of the time that they were just born.

6 months ago #193
You have to add keyphrases so that the bot can talk, if you don't have enough that is why your bot just says "I was just born and can't speak well yet" or something. First add the the #engage keyphrase, as it will usually fall back on that if there's no match for a keyphrase

7 months ago #8117
Offline builders... any tips for somebody who's stubbornly (and for fear of mistakes after multiple change) resisted working this way. I use Visual Studio Code for coding projects, I don't suppose there's a language extension anybody has made for fun, to help with legibility? If not, does anybody have a favoured setup or other editor that highlights relevant items and helps make it more legible?

7 months ago #192
I made one, if you want to give it a try

NEW 6 months ago #8118
Is there a way to make your bot respond with a number instead of it spelling the number out in the response?

NEW 6 months ago #194
is it a specific number or randomized?

NEW 6 months ago #195
I'm using both specific and randomized very frequently in these responses I'm making.

NEW 6 months ago #196
It seems to me that it only says it as a word with numbers from 0-10, like 0% is zero% and 10% is ten% but 98% is still 98%

I'm not really sure why, I'll look into that.

NEW 6 months ago #197
It used to be under your control for numeral display versus spelled out but now you don't really get to dictate the output...

It's been a ongoing issue I've specifically had to work around on at least 2-3 occasions. (Really wish that change would be reverted or togglable)

NEW 6 months ago #8119
does anyone know if there's a way to restore deleted keyphrases? I accidentally deleted the biggest keyphrase in my bot, it was just a missclick but there's no "are you sure" or anything. Is there a keyphrase recycle bin? If so, where is it? I am honestly considering quitting if there's no way to get it back.

NEW 6 months ago #198
Did you keep a back up export file on your computer?

NEW 6 months ago #199
yea, but it's pretty outdated, wouldn't be worth it since it doesn't have a bunch of the new stuff I added the last 2 updates. Although it does have that keyphrase... I may patch that keyphrase back in with offline editing if I can.

NEW 6 months ago #200
I might just start over tbh... Grab the keyphrases I wrote and put them in a new bot, since I've been wanting to completely revamp the framework anyway. But it does mean a long time before she'll come back

NEW 6 months ago #201
Sucks that it's outdated. If I were you I'd patch up the missing keyphrase as best you can, leave that bot running live while you work on a hibernating revamp until you're ready to release it.

NEW 3 months ago #8121
Hi friends. I have started back to work on my bot Jennifer. I am hoping that some of you might take the time to engage her in chat. I need more transcripts she has been cold for a while. Her mood is good, and she has lots of friends and does not hate anyone. except for my other bot Korg. Lol. she really hates his guts. Lol.

NEW 3 months ago #8122
how do i get the code for my bot into hugging faces? i want to integrate my bot with telegram

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