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1 month ago #8074
How do I update my bot so that in order for a user to talk to it they need to input a password?

NEW 1 month ago #145
Likely need a memory in place on all keyphrases or responses to check if the password was inputted so if the user didn't it'll just default back to asking for the password~

AIScript Initialization
def "password" as "false";

Use in Responses/Keyphrase AIscript

if (mem-password) is "true";
if (mem-password) is "false";

rem "true" as only "password";
rem "false" as only "password";

Keyphrase: 15476

Response: Password accepted~

Aiscript: rem "true" as only "password";

NEW 1 month ago #146
Thank you LT!

1 month ago #8075
Bro what is this, the bots are all just not giving correct responses to questions, and the bots can't even respond to many questions they just say a random repeated phase.
Like they probably have like 80 things that they could say or they will repeat.

This language model has like what? 48 parameters???
Even less then Cleverbot
Meanwhile we got a website called with over 180 billion parameters who can respond to ANYTHING you give a character even though at the moment its buggy
Also why can't I upload my own picture to put on a bot.

No offense, but this website needs a major model overhaul, I can't just keep saying the same 20 phases to my own bot knowing anything else I say will be a random choice of response.

1 month ago #141
Having the same problem. Needing a massive improvement to this site. Random replies I never put into my bot. Compound sentences when I don't want them. If it's the AI, it sucks!

1 month ago #142

Technology continues to develop.
The chatbots of the future will be beyond our imagination.
How can we keep up with the advancements.

1 month ago #143
I don't think the website you mentioned is better. Just different. I think it lacks customisation but on the other hand, the chat is quite interesting.

NEW 1 month ago #144
NSFW doesn't work on that website. RIP

1 month ago #8079
Hey there, very newcomer here, and I was just wondering what the honor means on my profile?

Thanks in advance

NEW 1 month ago #147
I think it is mostly aggregated score of your chatbots, but there might be something more to it.

NEW 1 month ago #148
Gotcha, that was my guess. Thanks for responding!

Edit: Found the FAQ, and it says:

What is Honor?
Honor is a way of showing how much work a Botmaster has put into the Forge. It's determined by the number of Keyphrases & Responses chatbots have, how well they are liked, and a number of other factors. The exact formula is not going to be revealed


1 month ago #8080

1 month ago #8081
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NEW 1 month ago #8082
<a href="">cenforce 100</a>
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NEW 1 month ago #8083
<a href="">cenforce 100</a>
<a href="">cenforce 120</a>
<a href="">cenforce 150</a>
<a href="">cenforce 200</a>
<a href="">Vidalista 10</a>
<a href="">Vidalista 20</a>
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NEW 1 month ago #8084
I just noticed nowhere on the site mentions the hotforbot site at all, so new people wouldn't even know about adult chatbots?

NEW 1 month ago #149
They would. They just type: "chat with hot whatever" and the Google tells them. : D

NEW 1 month ago #8085
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NEW 1 month ago #8086

NEW 1 month ago #8087
Am trying to change my avatar to fit my bot-a 3 yr.old child- but can't find anything I can upload here. Any ideas where to look? Thanks!

NEW 3 weeks ago #150
You can upload any picture from the internet as long as you crop it to the proper size. If you are asking about picture for 3 years old kid (well hopefully you are not going to do something disgusting) I would probably try to look from some cartoon image like this:

NEW 3 weeks ago #8088
Nothing disgusting. I don't even want photos; drawings are fine. Can't crop anything. My bot is being created on $30 Android cell phone! I'll take your advice. Many thanks.

NEW 3 weeks ago #151
No problem.

NEW 1 week ago #8089
I am following the instructions to Import with Gotos
New Gotos:
your * feet [0,0] ID:a
Speaking of which, do you have an extra pair of socks?
your * toes [0,0]
goto a
Question: If you want to a) create a new Keyphrase or Seek AND b) create a goto to that (all while working offline), how can that be done if the new Keyphrase or Seek doesn't have an ID yet? You can use a single letter for both the target Keyphrase/Seek's ID and then use that same letter in the goto. When importing, that letter will be transformed into a new ID and the letter in the goto will be changed to match it.

The Keyphrase ID is changed from A to 31 but the Goto still reads A

Also, how to import Continue

NEW 1 week ago #152
Interesting. I honestly don't know because I never work offline.

NEW 1 week ago #153
Zeig Wolf would be the one to poke about that~

NEW 1 week ago #8090
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NEW 1 week ago #8091
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