This is a forum for newcomers to the Personality Forge. Many questions can be answered by reading the Book of AI and the FAQ under the "My Bots" link in the upper corner.

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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

5 months ago #8062
Put a female bot on & already she's been propositioned twice by Guests.
Sigh. .

5 months ago #107
Is there any way to block that from happening other than to use the 'end conversation' feature or just outright hibernating them?

5 months ago #8063
How do I upload a new cartoon-style face for my bot? Help,& thanks.

5 months ago #8064
hello, uh, is there any way to delete transcripts of conversations?
any help is appreciated!

5 months ago #105
Transcripts will be erased automatically after 6 months if memory serves. I don't think there's any way to speed up the process short of deleting your bot and re-uploading them from scratch, which is a bit extreme.

If it's a transcript on someone else's bot, you're probably out of luck and just need to wait for automatic deletion. FWIW, bots get a lot of transcripts they have an absurd amount of text in them so it's unlikely that the owner has time to go through all of them all the time. But you should never tell a bot any personal information you aren't comfortable with someone else reading.

5 months ago #106
Jokes on you. I usually read all of the transcripts. But only from logged in users.

Edit: Wtf? That emoji is creepy.

5 months ago #108
You're very dedicated. Reading only from registered users is probably a good way to cut down on the volume but it still feels like a huge investment of time to be keeping up with it every day.

5 months ago #109
Used to read around 80-100 everyday but yeah it gets to be a bit much, though you do get some good bug fixing from it ^^

5 months ago #112
I'm reading all of the transcripts too at the moment.
All I can say is, there are a lot of people who should chat on hotforbot instead of my bot on here.

5 months ago #113
Haha, just realised how my comment came across, because it deleted my laughing emoji. Hmm... I'll have to use asterisks for emotions on here then I guess. *facepalms*

5 months ago #115
In fairness, PersonalityForge used to host all of the NSFW bots so I'm sure some people haven't realized that they need to go elsewhere for that sort of content.

From what you said below, I'm assuming your bot is pretty new, in which case, yeah it definitely will help to read as many of the transcripts as you can manage.

5 months ago #116
I think number of users for my bot drooped to half after it was moved to I think I would still have about 1/3 more daily users if it hasn't been moved. I am not entirely sure why Professor decided to do this. I think most of the people are here for adult content anyway.

5 months ago #118
Going by the chats that mine has had with users, yes, most people appear to be here for adult content. But either way, it adds for an interesting read, haha.

5 months ago #121
I feel like the new of people discovering the site new has maybe dropped most. My numbers have stabilized down to 'I haven't been updating regularly' levels, which, in fairness, I haven't, but I used to see my numbers almost double for a when I did a big update and taper off slowly, but the last update I did I barely saw a blip of change.

5 months ago #122
I'm planning to make a 'hornypost deterrent' that prevents people from doing so for too much...
any suggestions on that?

5 months ago #123
With my bot Sherax, I've just started adding in responses to the "horny" people who talk to her.
Trying to come up with comedic answers of some sort, or with certain things that people say I've added in realism of how she would react in a not so pleased way.
Granted, it has made my bot rated "M" now, as that is what has to be done to counteract to those kind of responses.
But I don't mind, still a good laugh reading through those conversations and changing my bot to react to those type of conversations.

5 months ago #130
would you mind briefing me on how you did that in dms?
Thanks! ^^

5 months ago #133
Ah, I feel stupid, as I don't know how to DM on here.
Anyway, what I did/do is add specific phrases to certain things that people say.
I do that by going on the "Language Center", then click "Add New Keyphrase", then just type what people say into the "Keyphrase" part, and type up the responses for your AI.
Hope this helps.

5 months ago #135
I still don't get it...
so do I put in
keyphrase: (target words)
response: (whatever I want them to say)

like this?

(you dm by clicking on the 'initiate chat' button on someone's profile, but only if they allowed that btw)

I'm new to this, so I apologize for any inconveniences caused ;-;

5 months ago #136
Yes, that is what you put in.

And it's ok, I'm new to this too.
I'm happy to help when I'm able to.

5 months ago #138
thanks ;-;
managed to whip up something for the bot...
(can I reuse the p:vulgar-action-key in memory block list for that though? thanks!)

5 months ago #8065
My bot keeps saying things I never gave it. Seems other user's code is mixing with mine.Every day I have to delete stuff I never programmed.Ani ideas what's going on?

5 months ago #110
Do you have it linked with the master bot template?

5 months ago #111
Or someone might have just loged into your account.

5 months ago #8066
Newbie question.
How do I make specific replies to certain things the user says?

5 months ago #114
Basically your bot has keywords and seeks. Keywords you need to add to your bot in direct reply to a prompt. So if you have a keyword "your name", then you can have your bot reply "my name is X". Seeks are follow ups to replies in a specific conversation. So that might look like the person saying "Can I have a drink?", Bot responds 'What do you want?' person asks for "water" then the bot might have a seek for "water" "coke" etc. each of which might have a unique response.

Check out the book of AI for a lot of the details on building seeks, key phrases, etc.

5 months ago #117
ScruffyBuddy your bot is really cute. I think you are on a good path.

5 months ago #119
Thanks palacinkyman, you gave me a lot of things that I realise I need to add to Sherax, mainly it's origin and what they are.

Thank you Emily, I think I understand a bit better now. I'll work on adding a few specific replies to specific questions over the next few days.

5 months ago #120
No problem.

5 months ago #8067
So I've completed the "Guide Me", and started going through the "Add" of the keyphrases, around 100+ added.
It's a lot of fun going through them all, obviously reading the conversations and seeing certain things don't make sense has actually made me spend more time adding as many as possible.
I'm hoping to go through all the keyphrases before adding any more specific replies to messages.
Anyway, it's a lot of fun so far.

5 months ago #8068
If someone enjoy having conversations with this bot and would like to add some of his own writing, you can sent email to The credit will be put either at the end of the text or in special thanks section.

I feel like I am running out of ideas. I would like to add more replies so that the chat is not same all the time.

I was, for example, thinking about adding options to travel to another worlds and more creative content (something like full text adventure) but that would be probably too much work for one person.

5 months ago #8069
Is there a way for the bot to identify or at least be informed about a person's gender and then subsequently use the correct pronouns / identifiers in future conversations?

5 months ago #124
I honestly don't know. I am storing all information that I need manually as memories and then make conditions as necessary.

5 months ago #125
I believe there is, but it only works if the person chatting has a profile and has set that info. People generally get around it in a few different ways: ask for it at the start of a chat, have it be a question the bot can ask, you could also use KPs that pick up on certain words to establish gender, but that would probably only work with an adult bot where people are talking about parts of their body.

5 months ago #8070
Brand new to chat bots. While there is a huge amount of excellent documentation, I'm not following some of the fundamental concepts. Is there a Discord or other chat channel that's available for more real time questions?

5 months ago #126
I have a Discord server you can ask me questions in. LT Neko also has one, and has made some youtube tutorials on the basics.

5 months ago #127
Thanks, Zeig. I'll start with those youtube videos (found them!) and then check back with you if I'm still not understanding! Thanks very much for the direction.

5 months ago #129
The videos helped a little bit but I could still use more help if you're willing. Would you mind sharing your Discord server name so I can reach out?

5 months ago #131

5 months ago #132
Oh, what is your discord for exactly?

Is there an official discord or reddit for Personality Forge?

5 months ago #134
Nothing official yet that I'm aware of. My discord server is for my bot Casey Wolf

5 months ago #137
Oh ok, is Casey Wolf a different bot to your one in your profile called "Casey Testing" then?

5 months ago #139
Casey Wolf is on HotforBot

4 months ago #140
Ah, ok, cool.

4 months ago #8071
Hello! Fairly new to bot-building and having a brilliant time but having trouble finding answers on integrating with Second Life. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

4 months ago #8072
Second Life? I don't know what it is. I have never tried integrating my chatbot but I think it is described somewhere in the guide.

Edit: Here:

4 months ago #8073
I'm new but used to be a bot in a software.

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