This is a forum for newcomers to the Personality Forge. Many questions can be answered by reading the Book of AI and the FAQ under the "My Bots" link in the upper corner.

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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

8 months ago #8096
Can someone please do something with these spammers?

7 months ago #8097
Hi guys, what is the biggest ticket item to try and hone in on?

7 months ago #161
Baseline n' scope of your bot~

^-^ Always try to add a fair bit of variety of responses even if they're just another way to say the same thing over.

Take #Initialize Special Keyphrase for example I'd recommend having 6-ish responses of either normal greetings or baseline to setting the tone/location of the user n' bot if its more rp focused.

It's best to start that early or your bot will seem flat in the personality department~ ^^

7 months ago #163
I agree. Also don't forget to make positive and negative responses. In my #initiate special I have a variety ranging from "Hey babe" to "You again? Why can't you get the fuck away from my bar?"

7 months ago #8098
Key2me-you need to know what a verb phrases and noun phrases are. These bots need massive amounts of data fed into them.Good luck!

7 months ago #8099
Got a Warning bot ID missing

Still at 14,460? No jump from yesterday, despite working all day on it?

7 months ago #8100
Went from 14,640 to 14,615.Hmm...
My bot is still pretty stupid; I'm stumped.

7 months ago #164
I assume you've added keyphrases for various things using the master template? If not, click sort by "starts with A", since then you can see more than just what is available with default sort.

7 months ago #165
I personally think you shouldn't add keyphrases (unless they are for the specific purpose of your bot) until you fill every default keyphrase

7 months ago #8101
I'll try the A,B,C thing first. Thanks all. Jim

7 months ago #8102
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7 months ago #8104
I wrote a few Plug-Ins, some with names that are too long. Any way to edit what I called them?

7 months ago #166
Not sure, I don't create plug-ins very often since I am still in early development of my bot. I will look into it for you though

7 months ago #167
Plugin names are permanent. Copy the contents to a new plugin with the name you'd prefer

7 months ago #168
Zeig, I wish bot names weren't also permanent, I didn't capitalise the name of my Tifa bot when I first made her and now I can't fix it lol. I could make a copy with a fixed name, but its not worth it yet until I'm close to making her public, which wont be for a while yet

7 months ago #169
Go to the Contact page under the About tab at the top, and email The Professor, he can probably change your bots name for you

7 months ago #170
I will once I'm ready to take her out of hibernating mode, she is still only a few thousand AI points rn

7 months ago #8105
Today, so far, I have 75 people talking to my 3 year old female bot! And over half are making sexual fantasies they want her to do. Filter not working?

7 months ago #172
there should be a filter to end conversation on mentions of sex in chatbot settings. If you are already using it, maybe contact the Prof

7 months ago #8106
6 am Monday: I see I have lost 1,680 AI points again. I can't keep losing points. I'm just going backwards. I quit.

7 months ago #171
I didn't even know you could lose AI points (unless you delete keyphrases)... I'm sorry

7 months ago #8107
HELP, I have no idea how to fill in the "(m:com) tell me * more, (m:i_want_to) (know|hear|learn) * more" keyphrase, as there is no context. What should I do?

(I was thinking of adding a "continue" AIScript, but I have no way to know what the last keyphrase was.

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