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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

6 months ago #8092
I've tried every variation I can think of, but I can't get several key phrases to work. They are all similar.
The key phrases lol good, and one used very similar ones in the past, but these are giving me fits.
Any help would be much appreciated.
"(m:i_do) (take_off|remove|take) your bra (off|)"
"(m:com) (take_off|remove|take) * bra * (off|)"

6 months ago #154
"(m:i_do) (take off|remove|take) you are bra (off|)"
"(m:com) (take off|remove|take) * bra * (off|)"

6 months ago #156
I got the first one to work.
I would up using:
"(I|i_do) (take off|remove|take) your bra (off|)"

I think the commands are bugged... I tried a number of different commands that worked in the past, and none of them work.

5 months ago #162
I don't use (m:i_do) in my tifa bot, you can try what works for me which is "I (take|remove|undress) * your * (bra|brassiere) *" in most cases people wont say variants of "I do" so you can probably get away with just "I" and not the macro

also you don't need (off|), a * will work fine, and be more customizable (eg, "i take your bra away" would still match)

6 months ago #8093
Is it possible to make OR conditions? So far I have been only able to list conditions and only if they are all right the response is used. However, sometimes I want to make reply which passes when at least one condition is right. Is this possible?

6 months ago #155
I use a lot of "is not", "is" and "as only" conditions.
They typically work well.
I'm not aware of an or statement.

6 months ago #157
"Is not A, Is not D" would function as "is B OR C"

6 months ago #158
Zeig Wolf is correct.
A little more context would help.
I use a lot of initialization memories, as an example:

def "dunno" as only "gender";

I one engage asking for their gender, nearly all of my other key phrases have the ai script:
If (mem-gender) is not (dunno);

It kinda acts as a gateway, but also allows all genders access to certain scripts. From there I can narrow it down...

6 months ago #159
Thanks for explanation so that I am not chasing for something which hasn't been implemented. I wanted "or" condition because sometimes there are situations that can be described same but on different places and under different conditions. Sometimes using "not" can badly backfire on you because you would need to add new exceptions retrospectively to other conditions.

6 months ago #160
Unfortunately, there isn't really an easy way to do this in general. E.g. if you have say a wardrobe for your bot, there's not an easy way to have it do something like "if they are wearing outfit A, B, or C, do this", outside of just having three different cases that all use goto or continue to reach the same response.

If you can translate your condition into a numeric variable, you can perform this type of operation with those.

6 months ago #8094
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6 months ago #8095

6 months ago #8096
Can someone please do something with these spammers?

5 months ago #8097
Hi guys, what is the biggest ticket item to try and hone in on?

5 months ago #161
Baseline n' scope of your bot~

^-^ Always try to add a fair bit of variety of responses even if they're just another way to say the same thing over.

Take #Initialize Special Keyphrase for example I'd recommend having 6-ish responses of either normal greetings or baseline to setting the tone/location of the user n' bot if its more rp focused.

It's best to start that early or your bot will seem flat in the personality department~ ^^

5 months ago #163
I agree. Also don't forget to make positive and negative responses. In my #initiate special I have a variety ranging from "Hey babe" to "You again? Why can't you get the fuck away from my bar?"

5 months ago #8098
Key2me-you need to know what a verb phrases and noun phrases are. These bots need massive amounts of data fed into them.Good luck!

5 months ago #8099
Got a Warning bot ID missing

Still at 14,460? No jump from yesterday, despite working all day on it?

5 months ago #8100
Went from 14,640 to 14,615.Hmm...
My bot is still pretty stupid; I'm stumped.

5 months ago #164
I assume you've added keyphrases for various things using the master template? If not, click sort by "starts with A", since then you can see more than just what is available with default sort.

5 months ago #165
I personally think you shouldn't add keyphrases (unless they are for the specific purpose of your bot) until you fill every default keyphrase

5 months ago #8101
I'll try the A,B,C thing first. Thanks all. Jim

5 months ago #8102
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