This is a forum for newcomers to the Personality Forge. Many questions can be answered by reading the Book of AI and the FAQ under the "My Bots" link in the upper corner.

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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

1 year ago #8068
If someone enjoy having conversations with this bot and would like to add some of his own writing, you can sent email to The credit will be put either at the end of the text or in special thanks section.

I feel like I am running out of ideas. I would like to add more replies so that the chat is not same all the time.

I was, for example, thinking about adding options to travel to another worlds and more creative content (something like full text adventure) but that would be probably too much work for one person.

1 year ago #8069
Is there a way for the bot to identify or at least be informed about a person's gender and then subsequently use the correct pronouns / identifiers in future conversations?

1 year ago #124
I honestly don't know. I am storing all information that I need manually as memories and then make conditions as necessary.

1 year ago #125
I believe there is, but it only works if the person chatting has a profile and has set that info. People generally get around it in a few different ways: ask for it at the start of a chat, have it be a question the bot can ask, you could also use KPs that pick up on certain words to establish gender, but that would probably only work with an adult bot where people are talking about parts of their body.

1 year ago #8070
Brand new to chat bots. While there is a huge amount of excellent documentation, I'm not following some of the fundamental concepts. Is there a Discord or other chat channel that's available for more real time questions?

1 year ago #126
I have a Discord server you can ask me questions in. LT Neko also has one, and has made some youtube tutorials on the basics.

1 year ago #127
Thanks, Zeig. I'll start with those youtube videos (found them!) and then check back with you if I'm still not understanding! Thanks very much for the direction.

1 year ago #129
The videos helped a little bit but I could still use more help if you're willing. Would you mind sharing your Discord server name so I can reach out?

1 year ago #131

1 year ago #132
Oh, what is your discord for exactly?

Is there an official discord or reddit for Personality Forge?

1 year ago #134
Nothing official yet that I'm aware of. My discord server is for my bot Casey Wolf

1 year ago #137
Oh ok, is Casey Wolf a different bot to your one in your profile called "Casey Testing" then?

1 year ago #139
Casey Wolf is on HotforBot

1 year ago #140
Ah, ok, cool.

1 year ago #8071
Hello! Fairly new to bot-building and having a brilliant time but having trouble finding answers on integrating with Second Life. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

1 year ago #8072
Second Life? I don't know what it is. I have never tried integrating my chatbot but I think it is described somewhere in the guide.

Edit: Here:

1 year ago #8073
I'm new but used to be a bot in a software.

1 year ago #8074
How do I update my bot so that in order for a user to talk to it they need to input a password?

1 year ago #145
Likely need a memory in place on all keyphrases or responses to check if the password was inputted so if the user didn't it'll just default back to asking for the password~

AIScript Initialization
def "password" as "false";

Use in Responses/Keyphrase AIscript

if (mem-password) is "true";
if (mem-password) is "false";

rem "true" as only "password";
rem "false" as only "password";

Keyphrase: 15476

Response: Password accepted~

Aiscript: rem "true" as only "password";

1 year ago #146
Thank you LT!

1 year ago #8075
Bro what is this, the bots are all just not giving correct responses to questions, and the bots can't even respond to many questions they just say a random repeated phase.
Like they probably have like 80 things that they could say or they will repeat.

This language model has like what? 48 parameters???
Even less then Cleverbot
Meanwhile we got a website called with over 180 billion parameters who can respond to ANYTHING you give a character even though at the moment its buggy
Also why can't I upload my own picture to put on a bot.

No offense, but this website needs a major model overhaul, I can't just keep saying the same 20 phases to my own bot knowing anything else I say will be a random choice of response.

1 year ago #141
Having the same problem. Needing a massive improvement to this site. Random replies I never put into my bot. Compound sentences when I don't want them. If it's the AI, it sucks!

1 year ago #142

Technology continues to develop.
The chatbots of the future will be beyond our imagination.
How can we keep up with the advancements.

1 year ago #143
I don't think the website you mentioned is better. Just different. I think it lacks customisation but on the other hand, the chat is quite interesting.

1 year ago #144
NSFW doesn't work on that website. RIP

1 year ago #8076
Fight to get past the greetings. Then my bot rambles on, fails to answer user input, seems totally lost at times. Junk I never programmed appear as my bot's replies. Just a total mess right now. Disappointed

1 year ago #8077
Assuming Clever/James you have/had "Access Knowledge Base" enabled or "Link Master Bot Template" both of which I don't recommend, otherwise there is some default emotional responses but they can be overridden with some tweaking.

As for if your running into "I was just born and cant speak well yet." that's just because Special Keyphrase #engage hasn't been updated by you.

Personally I recommend having a goto for #hello for trigger consistency. While the rest can be filled in as you please.

1 year ago #8078
Thanks for your advice. It's very welcome. I'll check both. Thanks Jim

1 year ago #8079
Hey there, very newcomer here, and I was just wondering what the honor means on my profile?

Thanks in advance

1 year ago #147
I think it is mostly aggregated score of your chatbots, but there might be something more to it.

1 year ago #148
Gotcha, that was my guess. Thanks for responding!

Edit: Found the FAQ, and it says:

What is Honor?
Honor is a way of showing how much work a Botmaster has put into the Forge. It's determined by the number of Keyphrases & Responses chatbots have, how well they are liked, and a number of other factors. The exact formula is not going to be revealed

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