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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

6 months ago #7966
yeah both of the keyphrases are unlocked like I added all of it for nothing, I need one to unlock the other then lock it back after the chat ends

6 months ago #7967
show me a picture of your language center for your chatbot.

6 months ago #7968
idk if I could post pictures here? I can copy and paste both

Keyphrase: testlock
Response: it is unlocked
AI Script: if (mem-has-code-for-topic) is "yes"

Response 2: it is locked
AI Script: if (mem-has-code-for-topic) is not "yes"

keyphrase 2: testunlock
AI Script: rem "yes" as only "has-code-for-topic"
Response: it should be unlocked

6 months ago #7969
removing the seek to testlock makes both testlock and test unlock unopenable again

6 months ago #7970
but yeah It's not doing anything adding the seek "yes" basically makes both unlocked immediately without having to type anything at all to unlock them. I added the seek to the first response for the test lock keyphrase the way you told to me along with it's AI script

6 months ago #7971
You just have to set the memory wherever you choose to unlock it.

This goes in the reply where you want to unlock the locked topic.
rem "yes" as only "has-code-for-topic"

If you're still having issues, you can hop onto my Discord

6 months ago #7972
here a little information you should know. some keyphrases you make do not work. i found that out myself.
you should use real words for the keyphrases.

6 months ago #7973
You probably need to set your key phrase to"raw" in aiscript or the parser will mess with it.

Do you have has-code-unlocked set to a particular value when you initialize the chat?

Make sure the lock is in the AIscript for the individual responses, not the whole key phrase.

6 months ago #7974
I really don't know how to set it like when I put rem "yes" as only "has code for topic" for the seek it has both unlocked but without it does not appear or even get recognized as a keyphrase. like what do I do exactly?

6 months ago #7975
idek what do to for the keyphrase that unlocks the other one, either both the keyphrases never open or without the ai script both open.

when I try making the keyphrase that is suppose to unlock the other one it does not lock or unlock or anything.

6 months ago #7976
like how exactly do I do set it up like can I get a complete walkthrough like

AI Script:

AI Script:

Keyphrase Used to unlock the other one:
AI Script:

AI Script

and any other things like seeks for the keyphrase.

5 months ago #7977

A tutorial I did on Chapter 10 Conditional Responses for gender/preferences purposes~ c: Should help you get a basic idea on default/rem/if/as/as only

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