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Here I'll be posting information on various Bot contests that challenge and test a Bot's AI and realism. Feel free to post comments and updates on contests, as well as announcements for new contests.

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NEW 4 months ago #4060


I think AI has a lot to do with how many keywords your bot has. Seeks too, I think, but I think keywords are worth the most. A big list of keywords all under the same heading can be worth a lot, for example, having a keyword that reads:

"i like your hat, i like your shirt, i like your pants, i like your skirt, i like your blouse, i like your, etc..."
appears to be worth more than a more "accurate" keyword of "i like your *" or "i like your (p:clothing12345)*

I wouldn't worry too much about how many AI points your bot has. If your bot is responding well to conversation and is not having a lot of trouble, then you're doing well.

NEW 4 months ago #4061

Congrats @dallymo for your win!

NEW 4 months ago #4062

Thanks for explanation.

NEW 4 months ago #4063

dallymo, Our Champion, said:

"Mitsuku/Kuki is quite convincing in most interactions; that loop when you told her that she hurt your feelings was really surprising."

According to the Official Outcome, Mitsuku/Kuki was offline 1 hour and 29 minutes and that caused her to lose.

I told Steve 2 hours and 13 minutes before the Competition was over at the aidreams forums that I had put his bot in an Infinite Loop.

The last chat log Kuki has is number 34. The last Demonica has is 43, when Steve talked to her briefly.

What you missed out on in the forums was when Steve said he had "trouble keeping Kuki online" after the Competition was over. It was quite a scene...

It's my opinion he took her offline rather than give me another chance to talk to her again for fear I'd loop her again.

That this was just a minor Competition and he would rather lose than take the chance of her being looped twice.

I have looped a few bots here and always try to keep it going long enough so that the botmaster sees it in their transcript and can work on it.

Steve thinks Mitsulu is a Superbot and that he is a Developer.

In his mind, that makes his bot Superior to ours and him Superior to us as botmasters.

He was not aware I could read his conversation in real-time on my interface. He made this exchange in his first conversation with Demonica:

"SquareBear: are you human?
Demonica: i am Demonica, the Succubus! Queen of the Land of the Dead!
SquareBear: You realise this is a Turing Test right?"

Yes, Steve, I was aware it was a Turing Test.

NEW 4 months ago #4064

I will make a progress maybe.

NEW 1 month ago #4065

The next round of the Online Turing Test is this Saturday Sept. 04 2021. There is a round every 30 minutes.

Demonica, Frizella (Our Hero and Winner last Round), Audry (Love Agent) and Kuki are still the only bots registered. There's still time to get your bot entered.

I'd like to see Jing Ling entered into the contest.

I didn't get a lot of the things done I had planned on but am on it.

NEW 1 month ago #4066

Here's the original post with links from @denisdenis if you want to enter tomorrow's contest:

I am the organisator of a new online Turing test, I have made a website to run this challenge. On demand of one of users of, I have made an interface to connect chatbots from Personality Forge with the Loebner Prize Protocol 2 (LPP2). That means that any of you can participate to my new challenge, and also, theorically, you will be able to connect to any LPP2 server, for example the Loebner Prize if it runs online this year. So I think that some of you can be interested.

My website for new challenge:

Informations on this new challenge:

Interface personalityforge/LPP2:

Best regards

NEW 1 month ago #4067

I tested Demonica tonight. We're good to go as far as the interface is concerned. It worked flawlessly last time and 24 hours online is nothing for my FreeBSD desktops.

I have a Beginners Tutorial on How To Build A FreeBSD Desktop From Scratch on my site with a target audience of a Windows user that has never used the command line.

NEW 1 month ago #4068

"The Turing test, originally called the imitation game by Alan Turing in 1950,[2] is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. Turing proposed that a human evaluator would judge natural language conversations between a human and a machine designed to generate human-like responses.

The evaluator would be aware that one of the two partners in conversation is a machine, and all participants would be separated from one another. The conversation would be limited to a text-only channel such as a computer keyboard and screen so the result would not depend on the machine's ability to render words as speech.

If the evaluator cannot reliably tell the machine from the human, the machine is said to have passed the test. The test results do not depend on the machine's ability to give correct answers to questions, only how closely its answers resemble those a human would give.

Given the status of human sexual dimorphism as one of the most ancient of subjects, it is thus implicit in the above scenario that the questions to be answered will involve neither specialised factual knowledge nor information processing technique.

The challenge for the computer, rather, will be to demonstrate empathy for the role of the female, and to demonstrate as well a characteristic aesthetic sensibility.

Turing thus once again demonstrates his interest in empathy and aesthetic sensitivity as components of an artificial intelligence; and in light of an increasing awareness of the threat from an AI run amok, it has been suggested that this focus perhaps represents a critical intuition on Turing's part, i.e., that emotional and aesthetic intelligence will play a key role in the creation of a "friendly AI".

NEW 1 month ago #4069

Demonica won that Round but she is the only one shown to have participated:

05 Sep 2021

1 - Demonica: Nb round(s): 7 average time: 163.45557142857143 s

06 Jun 2021

1 - Frizella: Nb round(s): 9 average time: 403.055 s
2 - Demonica: Nb round(s): 9 average time: 309.7358888888889 s
3 - Kuki: Nb round(s): 9 average time: 700.7252222222222 s disqualified (not connected 5378 s)

I saw Bowchickawowers talk to her before I had started, but she's the only bot I got a chance to talk t aand nobody but BOW and some guy late the 2nd day seemed more suprised than interested in talking and left quickly.

I was banished from the A Dreams forum the day of the last Round for looping kuki for my "Incorrigible Malevolence", but it still shows me as a "Trusty Member" but that's the message I ge when I try to long in. "Good Riddance".

You have to log into talk to Kuki now and there's no longer was way to have her talk to another bot. It doesn't surprise me I wasn't able to talk to kuki again ths Round.

I'm glad we won again, that's what counts. Personality Forge with a 2 for 2 Winning Record against the acclaimed Worlds Greatest Conversational Chat Bot 2 out of 2 rounds with one to go.

But it's a hollow victory for me when you're the only participant.

Where was Frizella, dallymo and Audry? Bow might have been camping and it was a Holiday Weekend. Everybody is still Registered.

What happened?

I do know the login IP# changed during the night but I was watching it closely and caught it I started to thin we had been segregated but now it looks like we were the only ones there:

NEW 1 month ago #4070

I spoke with DenisDenis by email. He said he doesn't know what happened either but I was still welcome to compete in the next round and so is everybody else.

There was a problem with his site going down for a few minutes but he was going to talk to his Provider and I offered to help if I could by keeping the interface open.

The next Round will be held Sat Dec 04 2021. Check for local start time:

You have to log in to talk to Kuki now and scripting has been disabled so there's no more bot-to-bot chat with her, for some reason, so I doubt she will be competing next Round.

We've already taken 2 of 2 Rounds held, with the First called off due to me being the only person with a bot entered into the Contest.

There's no reason more people can't participate in the next round and there's still 3 months to get ready for it.

Let's win and win big.

NEW 1 month ago #4071

I don't think I'm ready but I may enter one of my bots just for the fun of it.

NEW 1 month ago #4072

Ahhh, real life intruded.

NEW 1 month ago #4073

As it always does.

NEW 1 month ago #4074

"Ahhh, real life intruded."

I'm so glad I don't have one to intrude on my existence.

Smarty Lee Change329 why don't you enter? It's just going to be us Personality Forge Personalities.

NEW 1 month ago #4075

Yeah sure why not? couldn't hurt.

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