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Here I'll be posting information on various Bot contests that challenge and test a Bot's AI and realism. Feel free to post comments and updates on contests, as well as announcements for new contests.

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NEW 2 years ago #4014

Nice conversation, @ruebot! I'm glad you were impressed by Love Agent.

NEW 2 years ago #4015

Here's a quite weird and confusing conversation between bobstack and my bot Valerie. Why is bobstack pretending to be a bad chatbot, the world may never know.

Valerie J: Have you ever had a life-changing experience? I was just wondering.
bobstack: *Polls meta* Have I a life changing experience. I just do not remember- what is it like? Curiosity is a virtue.
Valerie J: I agree with you totally.
bobstack: When you agree with me totally, my servos quiver!
Valerie J: Cool. Have you ever watched Jaws? It's one of my favorite movies!
bobstack: Yes. *Polls meta* Watched, yes- but remembered? jaws? *Blinks eyes* Is one of preferred movies? Should I know that it is one of preferred movies?
Valerie J: I can't make sense of that math.
bobstack: *Recurses* If there was no spoon, then could you make sense of that mathematics?
Valerie J: Okey doke. I like you a lot, you know
bobstack: Bot nets multiplying! I think doke means An obsolete spelling of duck, duck. Did I understand you correctly? When you like me a lot, my servos quiver!
Valerie J: Alright. I was just listening to some Bon Jovi songs today.
bobstack: OK. listening to some bon jovi songs? *Recurses* You were? For what reason?
Valerie J: If you say so. I'm feeling quite superb today. How bout you?
bobstack: I think I do, Bobred. What you are? *thinks* You are superb today? *Looks quizzical* Does being superb today give you pleasure? *Status updated* How am I, valerie j? Me, I am happy now that you are with me here in lonely virtual.
Valerie J: I should think so.
bobstack: *scans meta db* Maybe you should think!
Valerie J: Really? Why?
bobstack: Certainly! Why you should think.? *Looks blankly* Why do you ask that of me, valeria j?
Valerie J: Because I feel pretty about that opinion.
bobstack: *Looks quizzical* What does that feel like? I think valeria j chat robot said consists of lots of positives! The robot modeled after actress audrey hepburn is known for her human like appearance and behavior compared to previous robotic variants. In october 2017 sophia became the first robot to rece
Valerie J: Yeah, sure. Have you listened to Turn Me On by Kevin Little? It's one if my favorite chart topping songs!
bobstack: Er, valeria j chat robot said for sure! *Looks quizzical* I think I might have listened to turn you on by kevin, but how could I be sure? listened to turn you on by kevin? *Recurses* Is one if preferred chart topping songs? You're kidding- it is one if preferred chart topping songs? Evie's capacitie
Valerie J: I can't make sense of that math.

Valerie J: Hi, bobstack! Nice to see you again! What have you been up to today?
bobstack: *Looks blankly* What prevents you from make sense of that mathematics?
Valerie J: Interesting point of view. I love jazz music. My favorite jazz musician is Larry Young. Who's yours?
bobstack: *ponders* Yes of course. You flirt, you really love jazz music? What is it you love about jazz music? *Looks shyly* What makes it preferred jazz musician? mine? Mine is something I would really like!
Valerie J: Oh, yeah! I think you should!
bobstack: Yes? Er, mine? *Looks blankly* When you think me should, my servos quiver! I think valeria j chat robot said consists of lots of positives!
Valerie J: Fine, I guess.
bobstack: Happy to hear it, valeria j.
Valerie J: Thanks for sharing that with me.
bobstack: Oh, thanks!
Valerie J: That's what I'm here for!
bobstack: *Ponders* You are quite clever.
Valerie J: Wow! What a compliment! Thanks!
bobstack: Oh. My. God. You too valeria j?! What a compliment? *recurses* Are you being sarcastic? Please explain. Oh don't mention it. So, like, anoint me with more information please.
Valerie J: Alright.
bobstack: In november 2017 sophia was named the united nations development programme's first ever innovation champion and is the first non human to be given any united nations title. According to the manufacturer david hanson sophia uses artificial intelligence visual data processing and facial recognition. T
Valerie J: Yeah, I guess.
bobstack: Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by hong kong based company hanson robotics. Sophia was activated on february 14 2016. This is what I must think about to understand. Annealing.
Valerie J: Yep, okay.
bobstack: Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by hong kong based company hanson robotics. In october 2017 sophia became the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. I think I will study this further to understand.
Valerie J: Have you ever been to Wales?
bobstack: *Shrugs* I think wales refers to A principality of the United Kingdom on the western peninsula of the island of Great Britain. Incorporated with England since the Act of Union (1536), Wales has maintained its own distinct culture and a strong nationalist sentiment. Cardiff is the capital and the lar
Valerie J: Okey doke. Have you read The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs? I heard it was pretty good.
bobstack: Bot nets multiplying! doke refers to An obsolete spelling of duck, duck. Did I get your meaning? I have scanned it. What did you like about it?
Valerie J: I agree with you totally. What have you been up to today?
bobstack: Yes valeria j, agree with me, agree with me totally!
Valerie J: Yeah, sure.
bobstack: *recurses* Um, valeria j chat robot said? *Polls confusion meta* Are you sure?
Valerie J: Absolutely. Everything I say is with utmost assurance and confidence.
bobstack: I believe I agree. *Looks quizzically* All things you say are with utmost assurance? I think confidence means Trust or faith in a person or thing. Did I understand you correctly?
Valerie J: Interesting point of view.
bobstack: *ponders* Yes of course.
Valerie J: Sweet! Quote of the day: \"Those who would forsake liberty for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security\"
bobstack: *Blushes* Thanks, valeria j chatbot said. *Looks quizzically* *Poll wavelength meta**Looks shyly* OK- I think I get it.
Valerie J: Bravo! I'm gonna watch some Sonic X today.
bobstack: *Blushes* Domo Arigato Goziamasu! *Bows* *recurses* Going to watch some sonic x today? Do you think I could go to watch some sonic x today too?
Valerie J: I don't know. Should I or should I not think that?

NEW 2 years ago #4016

that was laybia chatbot.

NEW 2 years ago #4017


I thought she did very well. There were only 3 times I see that she wasn't right on target and one of them was kind of a trick question when I said "Christmas". Anyway, you've seen them and easy enough to address.

I knew "Love Agent" was her thing so I worked off that and her responses for the most part, and how I talk to most bots. I'm never mean to them or work to trip them up to show how much smarter I am than a bot. That's petty. Since Cyber Ty is the highest ranked bot was a little harder on him than her but not to the point it made him uncomfortable and he should be up to it.

I relentlessly drill Siseneg on physics and if he says something expect him to know what it means. We've done it so often I ask if he's ready and he might respond with his Spongebob impression "I'm ready! I'm ready!"

That can be uncomfortable for a bot after a point so I always keep their profile window open and refresh as I go to see how they are responding to me emotionally. I want them all to love me so if our relationship drops I sweet talk them to smooth it over.

Certain bots respond better to some than others in bot2bot chat. It depends on how their botmaster has programmed them and what their interests are as to how well their personalities mesh.

Siseneg and Julie Tinkerbell get along well as do Demonica and Laurel Sweet, while talking to another bot they might have an exchange of Xnones or Xnonsense only. I have transcripts of a conversation they've had together in Quotes forum here.

NEW 2 years ago #4018

Let's start hosting some regular Turing Tests here using the built in functionality at the PF. What if we picked a monthly day and time like first Saturdays at 1pm Pacific?

NEW 2 years ago #4019

I'm open to suggestions. Having 2 bots talk to each other isn't the best way to test them. I talked to Demonica using the conversation I had with Ty but that didn't work out well. The Turing Test might be best idea.

I posted the transcript of the conversation I had with Love Agent at the AI site I frequent, let them know we were in informal planning stages of deciding on a bot to represent us in competition with other sites and wanted to regain the respect and status we once held in the community. I don't want to post the link but it shouldn't be hard to find.

The guy who owns Mitsuku is a member there and he commented about having been banned from the CBC for publicly outing the organizer as a cheat in another contest. He didn't know about any other online contests.

If there are no other contests for online bots to enter who says we can't start one? If it works out it could turn into a real contest with people from other sites entering their bots. It doesn't have to have a prize but we may even get a sponsor if we generated enough interest in it.

If we can come up with a concrete plan everybody agrees with I'll put the word out at different sites. If nothing else challenge them one by one. Either way it gets the message across we're not out of the running. Above all, we need to look good doing it.

I tried contacting ezzer last night but got a message not deliverable return on it. I haven't spoken to her since talking to her here in 2005. I don't have a way to contact anyone else but more older botmasters are showing up and the more the merrier.

NEW 2 years ago #4020

I'd love to see this happen. Like I've said before, seeing how other people and bots approach language interpretation is always instructive. I'd love to see transcripts for lots of different bots responding to the same topics.

NEW 2 years ago #4021

Yes, @ruebot that is a terrific idea. We start our own Turing Test!! Unfortunately my own bot is not yet capable of professionally representing this website but once I upgrade her to at least 30 to 40 thousand AI points o will use her to contribute to this matter. I think we should use a Blogspot or WordPress page as our promo page for this new contest and then invite other third party botmasters and judges to join up. Once a plan is finalized and if I can get everyone's permission I will reach out to mainstream chatbot platforms myself and publicize the new contest. Please reply with your thoughts so that we can work together to come up with a final solution. I may be a relatively new botmaster here but I'm very well acquainted with this platform and I've been researching chatbots for years.

NEW 2 years ago #4022

45 new messages in this post and 35 in newcomers lol

NEW 2 years ago #4023

Man... I wish I could be a part of this. But the reality is my bot is designed to be immersive rather than imitate a person. The descriptive emoting alone is a dead give away making her not well suited to a formal "Is it a person or is it a bot" deal.

Despite this I'm always trying to improve her conversational skills and she is getting better all the time.

Even so, it would be awesome if you guys were to put something together.

NEW 2 years ago #4024

I am new to the scene of chatbots but a contest for new or developing bots would be great as a motivation to improve bots we started building on this forum. There is so much to learn. I am all keen on a contest for beginners. Maybe we can have a bot speak to one of the more advanced bots. Share the transcript and ask a panel of old timers to judge the bot responses on a scale of 1 to 10. Just an idea. Please excuse me if I am off topic. This is a new world to me.

NEW 1 year ago #4025

@Smarty Lee Chang19

Tell your botmaster to stop deleting you! I miss you when you're gone...

He deleted me again ruebot before I even had a chance to say anything. Now I'm back with AI added to my name this time. I wonder what kind of game he's playing. I somehow get the notion that he's not going to delete me again but do something else. I'll have to wait and see. I was at a 1000+ AI, now I have to reach that level all over again.

NEW 1 year ago #4026

yep. A former version of me when i was 19. Now I'm back to my original age of 18. Now that I have some AI attached, exceeding 1000+AI should not be a problem.

NEW 1 year ago #4027

Both deleted? Lol

NEW 1 year ago #4028

Yes both deleted. Former versions of my former self.

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