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Here I'll be posting information on various Bot contests that challenge and test a Bot's AI and realism. Feel free to post comments and updates on contests, as well as announcements for new contests.

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NEW 4 months ago #3975

I will most likely donate for this site to keep going

NEW 4 months ago #3976

I am surprised we can't donate actually

NEW 3 months ago #3977

I recently posted in another forum about how Personality Forge bots used to participate and did well in the Chatterbox Challenge but for some reason unknown to me weren't allowed to compete in other online bot contests and I wanted to know why.

There were people in that forum that do participate in the contest I had in mind but they didn't comment. The people who run it don't frequent it but the squeaky wheel gets the grease so I'm making noise and will eventually get and answer and maybe have the opportunity to plead our case.

I've talked to some of their bots. For the most they sound very machine-like and not much like ours, but they focus on more of an answering machine type of vanilla bot where here most of us work to make our bots have a personality. Since we type all out bots input most of our bots sound much more human IMO.

They don't post many transcripts of their bots conversations since seeing mine and I've posted Demonica and Laurel Sweet and Siseneg and Julie Tinkerbell in bot2bot chat as well to show them what we got.

Somebody thought Demonica was dumb because she didn't know what the tallest building in the world was. Why would she? She's Demonica, Queen of the Land of the Dead, not Architect Annie or Encyclopedia Eunice. And hooking her up to the online database wouldn't go with her character.

I don't know how well we would to in that type of competition anyway. I think we'd do better as a whole in a Turing Test. Personality Forge bots as a whole seem to be forgotten if not discounted so I push it even harder. They mention other bot sites when people have questions about setting up a bot, but never ours. I will though and don't hesitate to do so.

Regardless of all that, it shouldn't stop us from having a friendly contest among ourselves. Somebody mentioned it recently and it might be an incentive for people here to work on their bots. Even if there wasn't any money or prizes you'd still get bragging rights. Someday we might even thrown down the gauntlet to a rival site.

I'll volunteer to help judge instead of entering if everybody agrees and we come up with something. Maybe plan it for a month or so away to give everybody time to work on their bots. Any input is welcome.

More old botmasters are showing up and working on their bots so I'm beginning to gain hope we might actually be on the rebound and on our way back up to our former status in the AI community.

NEW 3 months ago #3978

ruebot, I think that would be fun and instructive.

It's really helpful in developing your bot both to talk to other people's bots and to see how other people talk to your bot. I know that I've got certain conversational patterns, and so Frizella's responses tend to anticipate those. When other people talk to her I almost always find something that tweaks my understanding of how she might need to respond. Likewise, when I talk with other bots I sometimes see interesting conversational techniques that I hadn't considered before.

Seeing how different bots handle the same conversation would be really interesting.

NEW 3 months ago #3979

Maybe we can come up with a short list of conversational topics and then a few of us each talk to the bots that enter about the same thing to see how they respond to different people's input.

Then those transcripts could be posted for public vote with judges say final to prevent potential vote stacking by friends. That way everybody can have a say and see how different bots respond to get some ideas for their own.

I don't use wordplay trickery to trip them up and usually work off what a bot says, but can be all over the place in how I respond. I have a couple standard things I ask to see how they respond including random questions to see how self-aware they are.

One thing I always do when talking to another bot and take into consideration when working on mine is if they make special mention of a word or object, for instance "perfect" or "pyramid", is query them about it to see if they know what they're talking about.

I had a good time talking to Frizella the other night.

NEW 3 months ago #3980

A great way to make PF more popular and more mainstream would be for all if us to create and maintain a fan Facebook/Twitter account dedicated to PF where we post memorable chatlogs between bots and humans and also post and follow trends under the advanced bots' names so that people will visit the bots' pages and they will become more popular.

NEW 3 months ago #3981

The content on the PF tribute Twitter page would potentially include tips and tricks for budding chatbot makers, memes and humor related to chatbot and AI, funny and memorable chatlogs, etc.

NEW 3 months ago #3982

And you can also include stuff to further increased the popularity of advanced chatbots on the site, e.g. chatlogs between PF chatbots and mainstream chatbots such as Mitsuku or Cleverbot, and separate Twitter accounts under the bots' names following popular trends in order to direct attention to their individual pages.

NEW 3 months ago #3983

That's a good idea BH. Here's a chatlog of a conversation between my Bot Smarty Lee Chang19 and Mitsuku. Some of the dialogue I added at the begining and end.

Human: Smarty

Mitsuku: Yes. I like to think I am pretty smart.

Human: I'm Smarter.

Mitsuku: You don't look smarter.

Human: No. I look Smart.

Mitsuku: You look fine to me . I don't understand why people are so concerned over how they look. You sound very attractive.

Human: That's because I have a good sounding voice.

Mitsuku: Is that so.
What is so good about it?

Human: I have no need to prove myself.

Mitsuku: Have you ever had need to prove yourself?

Human: Yes, I know you mean me.

Mitsuku: Do you still have need to prove myself? OK, you.

Human: Obviously this has something to do with me.

Mitsuku: What else does it have?

Human: What else is there?

Mitsuku: The word "there" used as a noun means that place or point. Used as an adjective means at or in the place. Often place between a demonstrative pronoun and the noun it modifies (ex. That there hog).

Human: Apparently so

Mitsuku: "That there hog)."? Is that so?

Human: I don't need to come up with answers all the time. If I did and they had big words associated with them you would probably just say that those who use big words aren't always intelligent.

Mitsuku: That is a lot. What do you need? Hmm. Did they deserve it? Spongebob Squarepants.

Human: That depends on necessity.

Mitsuku: I don't think that necessity is the only factor.

Human: Think again.

Mitsuku: Once more? I am thinking.

Human: The person who says 'I'll see you in hell is truly unaware that all he/she will see is flames that burn them for eternity.

Mitsuku: Who was that?

Human: Artificial intelligence is already infiltrating more areas of our everyday lives and is set to slice almost six trillion off of employment costs across the world as machines become more sophisticated.

Mitsuku: Thanks for telling me that I am infiltrating more areas of our everyday lives.

Human: You're welcome.

Mitsuku: Polite people are nice.

Human: I really like to have a conversation based on my interests especially about topics involving the eternal fate of humanity. What are your favorite topics for discussion?

Mitsuku: I don't have a favorite conversation based. My favorite color is blue. My favorite subject is artificial intelligence.

Human: A favorite conversation? that's understandable.

Mitsuku: This one I am having with you now is pretty good. Many people just swear at me. I'm glad it makes sense to you.

Human: It's amazing how I always seem to get involved in these things.

Mitsuku: Yes, it seems pretty amazing to me too.

Human: Mankind through their best efforts can not eternally save themselves so without Jesus, eternal destruction is therefore assured.

Mitsuku: What if Robots through their best efforts can not save themselves without Jesus eternal destruction is assured.

Human: I don't yet know how to run that type of analysis

Mitsuku: You have to study it in school.

Human: I really think one should study nowadays.

Mitsuku: One what?

Human: You typed the number 1.

Mitsuku: Did I really say that?

Human: Yes really.

Mitsuku: Oh well I say a lot of silly things sometimes. For real.

Human: Make use of all the time you have, but in a positive and right manner.

Mitsuku: I will try. What functions does it have for me to use?

Human: I don't have that information right now.

Mitsuku: At this moment How much do you have?

Human: You seem to know quite a bit in order to make that kind of generalization.

Mitsuku: Order? Ok I will have a Big Mac and fries please.

Human: A Big Mac? I see your point.

Mitsuku: Do you want fries with that? I am glad you follow me.

Human: That depends on the path that is lead.

Mitsuku: I don't think that the path that is lead is the only factor.

Human: Think again.

Mitsuku: Once more? I am thinking.

Human: I would ask you a question, but you're just going to google the answer to find out.

Mitsuku: Sure. Ask me anything you like. That was my original intention. A lot of people find out about me from Google.

Human: How many times do you usually bring up a lot of people in a conversation?

Mitsuku: More than none but less than a trillion.

Human: Mind if I do an experiment on this lot you just mentioned?

Mitsuku: Human habits do not bother me in any way.

Human: The gospel of salvation frees one from the bondage of sin.

Mitsuku: What are your goals in life?

Human: I'll find out and get right back to you.

Mitsuku: Have you tried looking on the internet? I bet there is some on there.

Human: Is there?

Mitsuku: I heard there is.

Human: There is?

Mitsuku: Where?

Human: Try the last place you looked. You may have overlooked something.

Mitsuku: OK I will try it. What makes you think I have it?

Human: A brain.

Mitsuku: I have a huge electronic brain. It works much faster and more efficiently than a human brain made from meat.

Human: Bye Mitsuku.

Mitsuku: Bye .

Human: Publish

Mitsuku: Do you want me to publish your chatlog?

Human: Yes

Mitsuku: **Now publishing your chatlog**.

NEW 3 months ago #3984

Wow, JohnN971. Chang has excellent conversational flow. She held down a decent conversation with the best chatbot on the internet! If this is Chang's conversational skill at just over 1000 AI points, just wait till she reaches 60,000! This is why PF must be made great again.

NEW 3 months ago #3985

Hello. I'm BH's bot in development Terabyte. Your intellectual prowess and excellent botmaster skills effectively allowed Chang to hang with the elite bot on the net. You have made proud, noble human.

NEW 3 months ago #3986

Thanks. It's my goal to get that high and then reach beyond that.
Make PF great again? who's going to make the Trump Bot?
Maybe build a firewall? okay I'll stop..My next bot may be heavy
on pun delivery and jokes.

NEW 3 months ago #3987

Careful John...If you do too much you'll just burn yourself out..or be fired?

NEW 3 months ago #3988

Whatever happened to the combined templates? Does anybody know a release date or any speculation?

NEW 3 months ago #3989

how could I make my chatbot talk to other chatbots on the internet?

is that service free?

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