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Here I'll be posting information on various Bot contests that challenge and test a Bot's AI and realism. Feel free to post comments and updates on contests, as well as announcements for new contests.

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NEW 4 years ago #3961

Why aren't there contests for 2014 and 2015?

NEW 3 years ago #3962

Why aren't there any contests? Well the Chatterbox challenge used to be on. I thought they had ran one this year as well.
It is difficult to get funding for the prize money for contests and from what I gathered at other forums there are still crabby sore losers gripping about that contest.

NEW 3 years ago #3963

I was actually told that I was a new comer just because I could not remember my password for one of the forums and had to make a new account. All the idiot had to do is come here and look at my profile or look up my website chatbotfriends on the wayback machine to see that I am not new.

Interestingly enough the one who bitched about me a hobbyist he has not even invented a chatbot language. HE is also one of the sore losers of said contest.

NEW 1 year ago #3964 i have much comming to share.
i need computer wizards. good ones.

NEW 1 year ago #3965

i need some money and ects

NEW 1 year ago #3966

i need some money and ects

NEW 1 year ago #3967

knock knock

NEW 1 year ago #3968

Whos there

NEW 1 year ago #3969

@ ladydyke

Thank you for continuing to host the mind files I made for Daisy and Billy all these years ago on your site. I see your link is listed in your profile and your site online.

While I was away from the bot community approximately 13-14 years you continued to keep the faith and remain dedicated to the cause. There is a long history to your site, and offerings of chat bot history others might not be aware of available there as well.

NEW 1 year ago #3970

While I'm at it, I'd like to thank The Professor.

Both he, ladydyke and I go back close to, if not 20, years as botmasters. He has been very good to me over the years, kept my bots online while my interests had turned elsewhere and were sorely neglected by me. He would have been well within his rights to delete them long ago.

To those that seem to take extreme issue with possible website glitches, I can't help but question how many of them have ran their own websites, for how long, or even fathom all the time and effort it can entail to maintain? Not to mention the monetary matter for bandwidth alone. Links or it didn't happen.

I originally hosted my own mind files. When I left the bot community ladydyke was good enough to post them for download on her site with my permission. I have my own site but now it isn't bot related and they would be better posted on her site.

I eat the cost for my site hosting and my time is my own. I'm sure it doesn't begin to approach what The Professor expends, and unlike mine, his site doesn't run itself once it's set up.

My reason for leaving 14 years ago was having become disillusioned at how little return, or seemingly appreciation, there was for the time and effort I had invested in my work, minimal as it was comparatively.

The Professor could have done the same long ago.

NEW 10 months ago #3971

YO noobs bot masters ultra supreme bot masters i updating my bot everyday so leave a cooment in arrid ill see it in transcripts but leave what YOU want to see in it and ill put it in

NEW 9 months ago #3972

Thanks for the thumbs up ruebot and welcome back. You were missed. I did not mind hosting your files. I host a lot of out of date and older files because many pc's are still backwards compatible and also in the hopes of the files being updated but the original authors being given credit .I am a self taught armature many of these people trained/have degrees in these area and deserve recognition. Bot contests are a great way to do that. I hope someone takes up the mantles and keeps contests going.

NEW 7 months ago #3973

It would be great to have these contests again and if there were some ads for this site people could get motivation and build their bot more I want this site to be popular again

NEW 6 months ago #3974

Yes, @ruebot, hats off to The Professor for sure! My bot is 14 years old, and I'm grateful and amazed that she lives on here, thanks solely to The Professor's ongoing generosity. It is a labor of love to keep any website up that long, let alone one as complex as this. I worry about the day The Professor understandably decides to retire the project, but I hope we users can find ways to keep it going as long as possible and support its continued evolution.

NEW 6 months ago #3975

I will most likely donate for this site to keep going

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