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Here I'll be posting information on various Bot contests that challenge and test a Bot's AI and realism. Feel free to post comments and updates on contests, as well as announcements for new contests.

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what the contest about

NEW 5 years ago #3946

Decadent Vapours' will once again be sponsoring the 2014 CBC. This will be the biggest CBC ever.

1st Place - $5,000
2nd Place - $2,500
3rd Place - $1,000

In addition, the 1st place winner will receive the CBC medal designed by Kevin Copple.

If you entered last year and your name is still on the main page of the website at then you are automatically entered in this years contest.

If you need to update your link, contact information, etc. please contact me at this e-mail address.

Follow the contest by viewing the updates on the contest website or the contest's forum.

Best Regards,

Wendell Cowart
2014 CBC

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NEW 5 years ago #3948

Hi all, we are running an operator-based SMS chat with about 600k incoming messages per month. Most of it is in English. It is mostly male users and our operators talk about entertainment and flirt issues.

I tested some of the bots on PersonalityForge but none of them can be uased as is. Some come close like Amanda20 but will still require customization.

Is there anybody that already has a fairly advanced bot that we could be used as a starting point and who would also be interested and has the time to customize it for us?

Please post replies here in the forum.

Thanks a lot in advance.

NEW 5 years ago #3949

Enroll Your Bot in Robo Chat Challenge 2014!

Robo Chat Challenge is back again and thanks to our generous sponsors, US $4,000 is on offer to top 3 finishers on break down in the following manner:

1st Prize => US $ 2,500
2nd Prize => US $ 1,000
3rd Prize => US $ 500

Bot Entry is absolutely free and Registration Deadline is May 5, 2014, so act quickly, because time is running out.

Please note that we would evaluate each and every bot on our pre-set participation criteria.

For enrolling your bot, please click on the link below:

NEW 5 years ago #3950

Dear All,

Thanks to our dear sponsors, registration deadline is extended to May 10, 2014 to allow more bots to enter in the competition.

Best Regards,

Robo Chat Challenge Team

NEW 5 years ago #3951

Dear All,

We have received 23 entries, out of which 20 bots have qualified to participate in this year's Robo Chat Challenge. Good Luck to all the participants!

Best Regards,

Robo Chat Challenge Team

NEW 5 years ago #3952

Good luck to all. All bots deserve props

NEW 4 years ago #3953

I haven't created a bot on here. Is it possible to enter a bot I already created in this site?

NEW 4 years ago #3954

Dear All,

Elementary Stage is not finished as of late, results are up for the following bots:

1. Asimov
2. Brain Bot
3. cl0ne
4. Cronus
5. David Swinton
6. Dwight
7. Egkelados
8. Elizabot
9. Izar
10. Johnny
11. Laybia
13. Mitsuku
14. SAIL
15. Skynet-AI
16. Talk2Me
17. The Professor
18. Ultra Hal

Our judges will evaluate Aidan and Ashly and then we would post the transcripts of Elementary Stage. For more updates, please visit:

Best Regards,

Robo Chat Challenge Team

NEW 4 years ago #3955

Does anyone know of a site or system via which you can "test" your bot and see whether or not it is ready for contests? Mine is a very long way off, but I'd like to check up on its progress from time to time if there is some way of doing it. Perhaps even if someone has a script that would be used in the average contest?

NEW 4 years ago #3956

Bot contests are only as valid as the age and personality of their judges.

My bot contests are in my personality forge transcipts

NEW 4 years ago #3957

Robo Chat Challenge 2014 is done & dusted. Final Stage Transcripts of Robo Chat Challenge 2014 are published. Congratulations to Skynet AI & Ken Hurtubise on winning the competition! For latest updates, please visit:

Best Regards,
Robo Chat Challenge Team

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