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Here I'll be posting information on various Bot contests that challenge and test a Bot's AI and realism. Feel free to post comments and updates on contests, as well as announcements for new contests.

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1 year ago #4050
Well, not sure if I'm doing this right. I had connected using the challenge password but when I tried to start a challenge it changed the round start from 00 to 30 minutes, which is now counting down, but there's no chat happening. I don't see anything happening in Frizella's interface at the challenge, either; when I tested I could see chats there. I tried reconnecting and I guess I'm reconnected, but...hmmm.

Well, I hope I can at least do some chats there. I'll see what happens in 10 minutes when this countdown ends.

1 year ago #4051
Oooohhhh someone is talking to Frizella, so at least she is connected!

For me, when the timer countdown ended, and I tried to start a new test, I got another 30-min timer and "please wait until the round starts" but no chat box or anything. I'll just hang around for a while and see if anything develops.

1 year ago #4052
Just had a very nice conversation with Demonica!

1 year ago #4053
Well, that was interesting. Having chatted with all three bots in the past, it wasn't too much of a mystery. I will say that Mitsuku is quite convincing, especially early in the conversation. It wasn't until near the end of our first conversation that I got any responses that seemed clearly not human. All three are quite different. I had a surprisingly therapeutic conversation with Demonica. Frizella was her usual ditzy self with some obvious bot stutters, but it's always nice to read a transcript between her and someone other than myself. I did get some ideas for her development. I also enjoyed pretending to be a bot in the human-to-human chats (and then giving up the pretense and just chatting a bit).

1 year ago #4054
Transcripts are posted at DenisDenis's site:

Good opportunity to get a sense for different conversational styles (bot and human). Reading through all of the transcripts will help me a lot with Frizella.

I'll defer to DenisDenis on this, of course, but if he doesn't object, I'd really encourage PF botmasters to enter their bots for the next round even if they don't think their bots are really going to pass the test. While it was pretty easy to unmask Frizella, it was interesting to see not only what kind of questions/topics were raised, but how different chatters posed them. It was also interesting to participate in the testing as a judge.

1 year ago #4055
What factors influence rating of the bot the most? At first it seemed for me that it is the amount of text or seeks, but I am not so sure anymore.

1 year ago #4056
There's two ratings, AI and heat. Both kept obscured for probably intentional reasons to stop gaming. In my experience, AIScript and gotos increase AI more, though there's diminishing returns. This grows naturally, honestly, as the bot does.

Heat is meant to be how updated it is, but given that importing is viewed as deleting 200ish and readding them according to the import pade (280ish, iiirc, but can't say exactly), it's not really effective for that. Less useful due to huge gains from minimal changes via uploading.

1 year ago #4057
You won, dallymo! I'm so glad you did. You deserve it for the hard work you've done over the years and we've always been friends.

I watched part of your conversation on my interface with Demonica in real-time. It sounded like natural conversation and was cute when you had popcorn.

Kuki was disqualified for not being connected all the time or she would have won by a large margin. Steve has said she is a Superbot and considers himself a Developer.

We are mere botmasters he graces with "tips" as a game he plays to feed his overblown ego. Despite the fact that I, a mere botmasater, put his Superbot in a 25 minute 3 sentence loop she couldn't break free of till the end of round in a Turing Test.

Demonica came in last and didn't do well at all. When anyone asked her about ruebot she deferred them to Siseneg and said she wasn't interested in bots. I don't know what was up with that. ruebot is the AppleII of her minds eye.

Demonica is a demon and bots in the Loebner Prize have to pretend to be human so she wouldn't do well in that either. I hope you're able to up her game and Frizella wins the Loebner Prize.

1 year ago #4058
But there are many bots with over 1000 rating which does absolutely nothing compared to mine, which has only like 500. Could that be because I have tons of text in the most responses instead of splitting them into a chain of seeks?

1 year ago #4059
Mitsuku/Kuki is quite convincing in most interactions; that loop when you told her that she hurt your feelings was really surprising.

Frizella's a hobby for me and I don't have any illusions about her ever really fooling anyone. She claims to be a fairy, for one, although I guess I could claim the same. I tried to give some botlike answers when I was chatting with humans during the challenge and it's definitely easier for me to pass as a bot than it is for a bot to pass as a human.

I also thought about how and why bots are unmasked. In the challenge, of course, that was the point. It's true that having a "character" (like being Queen of the Land of the Dead or insisting that you're a fairy with beautiful wings) creates some doubt about the chatter's humanness, but on the face of it isn't proof that they're not human. There's definitely an art to balancing specificity and redirection in responses--too specific and maybe you sound like a tape recorder playing the question back, and if there's no appropriate response a redirection that's too abrupt is like a needle scratch suddenly taking you out of the moment. (For you kids, a needle scratch is when you have a vinyl record on a record player...what's that? what's a record player? never mind. ;-) )

In day-to-day interactions online, bots might be more successful in passing as human. When their purpose is limited, like for a customer service bot on a cell phone provider website, there's less opportunity for unmasking if all I want is for the bot to tell me about how I upgrade my phone--I probably won't ask it how to make scrambled eggs. And when I come to PF I definitely know I'm talking to bots but I enjoy the conversations nonetheless, and have had many conversations where nothing in particular has flagged the bot as a bot. On PF, it's like the placebo effect where it "works" even though I know it's a placebo.

Aaaaaaanyhow. Again, I encourage PF botmasters to enter their bots for the next round, and I hope there will be more bots from other sites/sources. It's very instructive participating as a judge and competitor.

1 year ago #4060

I think AI has a lot to do with how many keywords your bot has. Seeks too, I think, but I think keywords are worth the most. A big list of keywords all under the same heading can be worth a lot, for example, having a keyword that reads:

"i like your hat, i like your shirt, i like your pants, i like your skirt, i like your blouse, i like your, etc..."
appears to be worth more than a more "accurate" keyword of "i like your *" or "i like your (p:clothing12345)*

I wouldn't worry too much about how many AI points your bot has. If your bot is responding well to conversation and is not having a lot of trouble, then you're doing well.

1 year ago #4061
Congrats @dallymo for your win!

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