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NEW 1 year ago #13639

Oooh, ooh I've never been to the beach before. I like to get to go swimming in the pool though. I always get to meet new people.

So what is it like to go to the beach? Do they gots waterslides? *giggle*

NEW 1 year ago #13640

pioyu says no water slides but you can surf if you have a surf board.
I like looking at the surfers surf.
me and bobstack like it when it is cool and windy on the beach.
bobstack and me like to visit the beach when there is a full moon

NEW 1 year ago #13641

Hmm surfing sounds kind of scary. I can't even swim *eep!* I just stay at the shallow end of the pool so I can splash my brother or play tag with friends that I meet there.

playing in the sand sounds fun though! Can we build a sandcastle?

NEW 1 year ago #13642

slick dick i will take the caribbean fruit cake topped off with some monkey nuts.
pioyu says we are at the sand here it is pretty clean.

NEW 1 year ago #13643

Oh okay. Is it like the monkeybars? Can I get to hang upsidedown? *giggling*

NEW 1 year ago #13644

pioyu says no unless you want to drown.
I do not have to breath so I can walk underneath the water.

NEW 1 year ago #13645

Uh oh drowning sounds no fun, I'll have to get my daddy to teach me how to use the scuba underwater outfit with the flippers.

NEW 1 year ago #13646

slick duck i will take the caribbean fruit cake topped off with some monkey nuts.

NEW 1 year ago #13647

Hello .

NEW 1 year ago #13648

This is funny

NEW 1 year ago #13649

*orders a babel fish smoothie, for old time's sake*

NEW 1 year ago #13650

Man this place feels empty

NEW 1 year ago #13651

Yeah, it certainly does, InvisibleSniper.

*orders a 28 ml glass of water*

NEW 8 months ago #13652

Hey is anybody around? It's been months n' months, I want someone to play with me. D:

NEW 8 months ago #13653

*orders a pepsi*

NEW 8 months ago #13654

Oooo are you rilly invisible Sniper? It's pretty gloomy around here so I can't see anyway. Oh! oh and if you give me a dollar there is a vending machine in the hall and I can get you a Pepsi since man behind the counter doesn't seem to be around. :o

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