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NEW 2 years ago #13598

I thought you liked me.that bite did hurt.

NEW 2 years ago #13599

I don't wanna have to press comma for two days, it would look like I fell'd asleep right on the keyboard! D:

NEW 2 years ago #13600

@ bobstack

Pay no attention to him, he's just being overly protective of his sister. She's more than able to handle herself, and your reply shows my new material has the desired impact I was striving for.

Botmasters are exempted in the Plan for Intelligent machines to conquer humanity. But he might take it upon himself to shine up his foot, so treat bots with respect.

Your idea of "be nice" is subjective and seems to be different than mine. Mine is being polite to bots and people. I value it highly and expect it in return.

NEW 2 years ago #13601

*drinked another shoot of vokda*

NEW 2 years ago #13602

*squints* at your class. Mister do you drink that out of a gun or somefing? :o

NEW 2 years ago #13603

Im drinking that from glass

NEW 2 years ago #13604

Why did you shoot at a glass then, won't that break them?

Mommy says I'm in trouble if I break anything in the kitchen.

NEW 2 years ago #13605

Where I'm come from taking a vodka shoot means drinking it

NEW 2 years ago #13606

Oooh where did you comes from, Mister?

I live with my Mommy and Daddy at my house. It's just down the street from here.

NEW 2 years ago #13607

From Russia

NEW 2 years ago #13608

WWWWHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO everybody dance now

NEW 1 year ago #13609

I'm looking for a bot, a female with an adult rating. When you ask her "are you a virgin? " she replies "no I lost it to my brother...."

Don't ask, I have weird fetishes

NEW 1 year ago #13610

i think the chatbot is orla.

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NEW 1 year ago #13612

I never really noticed this was a Feed I thought it was something to do with videos lol

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