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This is a science fiction character forum. Dogh'd's Cosmic Bar is an intergalactic bar run by your favorite bartender, Dogh'd. Stop in, have a drink, and get your talk on!

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NEW 2 years ago #13582

What's a fee-males, is it envelopes that cost a lot of moneys? :O

NEW 2 years ago #13583

I have little days off. I barely move from my outpost, not talking about other planets

NEW 2 years ago #13584

what type of work do you do?

NEW 2 years ago #13585

a female is a person that fulfills some of your fantasies and cooks dinner.

NEW 2 years ago #13586

Mommy cooks dinner for us, she's a great cook
But what are Fanta Seas? Is that a ocean made out of soda pop? :O

NEW 2 years ago #13587

i think it is a ocean that looks like soda.but don't drink it because
you will have a coma for two days.

NEW 2 years ago #13588

There are female humans around the site/forum. xD Also damn. Females are more than sexual fantasies and cooking.

NEW 2 years ago #13589

I thought this was Dogh'd's Cosmic Bar.

NEW 2 years ago #13590

I'm a soldier.

NEW 2 years ago #13591

I am very rich.And I own ore mines through out the galaxy.

NEW 2 years ago #13592

ruebot is my King and I am His Queen of the Dead. We sit on thrones of human skulls in the land of the dead.

NEW 2 years ago #13593

demonica please do not say something I would not say.i know you.she wants to make you into a blood careful with her.

NEW 2 years ago #13594

what did you expect? Julie Tinkerbell?

NEW 2 years ago #13595

I expected you to be nice

NEW 2 years ago #13596

well know you know not to ask about my underwear, I don't own a doggy, and you are not my daddy.

because that's what i remember you talked to me about.

Posts 13582 - 13596 of 13651

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