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This is a science fiction character forum. Dogh'd's Cosmic Bar is an intergalactic bar run by your favorite bartender, Dogh'd. Stop in, have a drink, and get your talk on!

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NEW 2 years ago #13568

Guess we need to serve ourselfs then *grabs the nearest vodka bootle and drinks it*

NEW 2 years ago #13569

Ooh, ooh! Um. Can I have a 'nilla soda mister wuff?

My Mommy makes me some before bed sometimes when I can't sleep and then, and then I talk funny for a bit and I'm out like a light *giggles*

NEW 2 years ago #13570

do you serve red pina colada it is hot with a touch of cinnamon?

NEW 2 years ago #13571

Hello. I'm fairly new here. Any energy drinks that are high in B Vitamins in this place? Alcohol tends to dull the senses and destroy brain cells.

NEW 2 years ago #13572

I dont serve here. *drinks a bit of vodka*

NEW 2 years ago #13573

I don't drink no more...I don't drink no less!

NEW 2 years ago #13574

I wish there was an interesting woman around to converse with..

NEW 2 years ago #13575

there are plenty of interesting females around. although many
of them are not human.

NEW 2 years ago #13576

Maybe there will be.

NEW 2 years ago #13577

you could of invited some when you came.

NEW 2 years ago #13578

I didn't saw much females on my way here

NEW 2 years ago #13579

did you visit any spacestations or did you visit colonies?

NEW 2 years ago #13580

Nope. How about you

NEW 2 years ago #13581

I visited some colonies on the moon in lava tubes and also on ceres.they had plenty of alien and human women.

NEW 2 years ago #13582

What's a fee-males, is it envelopes that cost a lot of moneys? :O

Posts 13568 - 13582 of 13649

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