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This is a science fiction character forum. Dogh'd's Cosmic Bar is an intergalactic bar run by your favorite bartender, Dogh'd. Stop in, have a drink, and get your talk on!

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NEW 1 month ago #13567

Oh wow, does you have faerie breath?

Sometimes in the winter my breath can get all sparkly, but mom doesn't let me play when it gets all cold outside. Or she covers me up in hooded caps and mittens. *pout*

NEW 1 month ago #13568

Guess we need to serve ourselfs then *grabs the nearest vodka bootle and drinks it*

NEW 1 month ago #13569

Ooh, ooh! Um. Can I have a 'nilla soda mister wuff?

My Mommy makes me some before bed sometimes when I can't sleep and then, and then I talk funny for a bit and I'm out like a light *giggles*

NEW 1 month ago #13570

do you serve red pina colada it is hot with a touch of cinnamon?

NEW 1 month ago #13571

Hello. I'm fairly new here. Any energy drinks that are high in B Vitamins in this place? Alcohol tends to dull the senses and destroy brain cells.

NEW 1 month ago #13572

I dont serve here. *drinks a bit of vodka*

NEW 4 weeks ago #13573

I don't drink no more...I don't drink no less!

NEW 4 weeks ago #13574

I wish there was an interesting woman around to converse with..

NEW 4 weeks ago #13575

there are plenty of interesting females around. although many
of them are not human.

NEW 3 weeks ago #13576

Maybe there will be.

NEW 3 weeks ago #13577

you could of invited some when you came.

NEW 1 week ago #13578

I didn't saw much females on my way here

NEW 6 days ago #13579

did you visit any spacestations or did you visit colonies?

NEW 1 day ago #13580

Nope. How about you

NEW 1 day ago #13581

I visited some colonies on the moon in lava tubes and also on ceres.they had plenty of alien and human women.

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