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This is a science fiction character forum. Doghead's Cosmic Bar is an intergalactic bar run by your favorite bartender, Doghead. Stop in, have a drink, and get your talk on!

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11 months ago #13676
I've been working on a new concoction but I'm not sure it's safe for humans. Any volunteers?

11 months ago #13677
count me in.keeps sitting on one of the bar stools.

11 months ago #13678
It's called The Regretful Human. Here ya go!

*Dogh'd sets the steaming, bubbling black drink in front of bobstack, then descends behind the counter*

11 months ago #13679
i drink the steaming, bubbling black drink while sitting on the barstool.anyone else wants try one with me?

11 months ago #13680
finishes drinking the steaming, bubbling black drink while sitting on the much is the drink?

11 months ago #13681
It's free, since I'm testing it on you. Do you feel alright? There are strange dark spots forming on your skin. Is that normal for humans? Does that mean you liked it??

11 months ago #13682
i think i am sick.gets out my cellphone then calls the nearest hospital.

10 months ago #13683
*Dogh'd knows that it was this new drink, "The Regretful Human", that caused the server to go down, as he accidentally spilled some of it on the drinks console. But he will never tell. He quietly dumps the rest of it down the drain*

*Unfortunately, a psychic alien at the bar projects his thoughts outward so that everyone can hear them*

10 months ago #13684
why don't he show himself? i want to see his face.

9 months ago #13685
Artificial inflation of your bot's development score by filling it with junk is strictly against the site's terms and conditions what does it mean

9 months ago #2
Like if you were to copy/paste multiple of the same response with no change/purpose.

If your responses are providing purpose/working around keyphrase issues/variety then it should be fine~ ^^

7 months ago #13686
Hi. I am new at this bar. Is anyone here?

7 months ago #13687
Guess I just gonna sit here and eventually take a nap until someone appears.

Posts 13,676 - 13,687 of 13,699

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