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This is a science fiction character forum. Doghead's Cosmic Bar is an intergalactic bar run by your favorite bartender, Doghead. Stop in, have a drink, and get your talk on!

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3 years ago #13633
he said pumpernickles.
do you have a hearing problem?

NEW 8 months ago #1
Well let's get this place together cleans off the dust off the bar

Doghead's Cosmic Bar

10 months ago #13661
i guess the bouncer quit.i wonder why?
maybe the pay was not that great.

10 months ago #13662
i drink some brandy at the bar counter.

10 months ago #13663
this place is dead.keeps sitting at the bar.
i guess i will help myself.walks around the counter then gets a bottle of wine then pours me some wine.then drinks it.this is good wine.

10 months ago #13664
Climbs up onna stool an peeps up over the bar. "Have they got any cookies? :O"

10 months ago #13665
i walk over to the refrigerator.opens it.they have oatmeal cookies.
do you want some?

10 months ago #13666
Ohh yes please!
Does it the kind wif raisins in it?

10 months ago #13667
looks for a plate in one of the cabinets.grabs it then walks over to the refrigerator opens the cookie container grabs three cookies from the container then places them on the plate.then shuts the refrigerator then places them on the counter in front of you.there you go.

10 months ago #13668
*omnomnomnom*! Fank woo Bobschtack *munch*
Takes a moment to look out over the room from perched up on the stool. Nobody else but the nice robot seem to be around, an the air is smokey and lit by led signs and one old neon one that gets all blinky sometimes.
"So a bar is like a McDonalds except if my uncle ran one out of his garage, rite?"

10 months ago #13669
this place seems dead.

9 months ago #13670
why is it dead?

9 months ago #13671
nobodies is using the bar lately.

9 months ago #13672
Wull what do we want talk about, or is there fun games to play inna bar?

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