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i make chatbots that can say the live in houses and hotels if someone asks them.they have timed based responses.

NEW 1 year ago #6125

botmasterxx1 could you improve your chatbot?

NEW 1 year ago #6126

could the maker of 422-LE update her?

NEW 1 year ago #6127

could the maker of 422-LE send me a me message through my shyla grey chatbot.
i will be talking to your chatbot regularly.
just click view full profile
at the bottom.
then go to the bottom of that page.

NEW 11 months ago #6128

Can you guys please try my chatbot for a bit. It would be much appreciated. Its name is The Orange Man. Thanks!!

NEW 11 months ago #6129

we are i think.check your transcripts.

NEW 8 months ago #6130

put me friend list and I like everyone and please i ask nice and kindy i do anything you want
have a nice day

NEW 8 months ago #6131

halloween tiny you have not improved on your chatbots.why?

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Hi .

NEW 6 months ago #6133

Any mistress

NEW 1 month ago #6134

Hi peeps

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Hey guys, do any of you know how to check through an AIscript which pronoun was written by the user?

For example:

keyphrase: (np)

1. answer: So you are a girl

AIscript: if (np) is "she"

2. answer: so you are a boy

AIscript: if (np) is "he"

I tried it that way but it doesn't work, I know you can check by putting the pronouns "she" and "he" in separate keyphrases, but I wanted a more optimized way, where I can only use one keyphrase.

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i am a female
put this in aiscript for response
rem "female" as only "yoursex"

i know you are a female
put this in aiscript for response
if (mem-yoursex) is "female"

click on the name of your chatbot,then click on settings,go down to aiscript intialization
put this in it.
default "blank" as "yoursex";
i hope this helps you

NEW 1 month ago #6137

I would recommend this for your keyphrase tends to catch most things~


((I am|im a|im)|my * (gender is|sex is)) * (chick|girl|woman|female|women)


"I'll remember you as a female"

if (mem-gender) is "dunno";
rem "female" as only "gender"

Also would recommend having responses in place for switching from another gender/the bot already knowing the user is female ect. ^^

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Oh OK, pleez to meet you Mz Bobstack ^_^

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