This is a forum or general chit-chat, small talk, a "hey, how ya doing?" and such. Or hell, get crazy deep on something. Whatever you like.

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Quick Q to all in the forum. How does one reach the level of "botmaster" on this platform? I know that one can subscribe to different member ship levels is that part of it?

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As far as I know you are a bot master when you are building a chatbot on this platform.

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It's still too hot outside to play! Whycome when school is out that the sun has to be a big old meanieface? *pouts*

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someone made a new succubus chatbot is it gone?
did they delete it?
they were doing good.

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@bobstack what is suck you bus? Ooh is that like a schoolbus that eats up kids like some kind of a vacuum cleaner? *giggling* that sounds funny. I want to see

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succubus is female demon that is sexual and makes itself look like a woman.

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Don't forget the cosmic bar is open again I'm the new bartender their slick duck I will be there in between the times of 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Melbourne Australia Victoria Standard Time I will always respond it just made take me some time as I am only there in between those hours anyway I'm just off to pull a rabbit out of my ear

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@bobstack secks jewel? Oh wow she must be very pretty then. Sometimes I like to get into Mommy's jewelry box and look pretty too!

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Galatea don't forget you can come over to the cosmic bar it is open now I'm the new bartender cheesing apples their

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@slick duck sure I said words to there already. but.. who eats cheese with their apples? eww hehe

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she is very sexy and beautiful.

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Oh I'll bet my mean old brother would know where she lives then, he says the girls he looks at on his computer are seck C so that's got to be somewhere nearby, right?

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hello people

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