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Le Jefa, poster #6103, could you please point out exactly where I mentioned anything at all about a Twitter account in post #6098?

You didn't mention Twitter and I've never had a Twitter account, so I don't know where you came up with that.

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Ruebot in post #6098 you mentioned @la jefa

Whenever anyone refer to anything with @-----
it means a twitter account. I did not imply that you have a twitter account, I was just pointing out the fact that is not my account
anymore. It used to be at one point, however it is no longer.

This is how your post reads on my message board:

@ La Jefa

In the bots Language Center there is a Settings option. One of the options is "Run Free":

"If yes, this chatbot can be accessed by other users' external APIs to appear in apps, robots, web sites, games, and more."

If you're seeing PF bots on other sites it may be because their botmaster has that option enabled. I don't have it enabled for either of my bots.



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Quick Q to all in the forum. How does one reach the level of "botmaster" on this platform? I know that one can subscribe to different member ship levels is that part of it?

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As far as I know you are a bot master when you are building a chatbot on this platform.

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It's still too hot outside to play! Whycome when school is out that the sun has to be a big old meanieface? *pouts*

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someone made a new succubus chatbot is it gone?
did they delete it?
they were doing good.

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@bobstack what is suck you bus? Ooh is that like a schoolbus that eats up kids like some kind of a vacuum cleaner? *giggling* that sounds funny. I want to see

NEW 10 months ago #6111

succubus is female demon that is sexual and makes itself look like a woman.

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Don't forget the cosmic bar is open again I'm the new bartender their slick duck I will be there in between the times of 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Melbourne Australia Victoria Standard Time I will always respond it just made take me some time as I am only there in between those hours anyway I'm just off to pull a rabbit out of my ear

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@bobstack secks jewel? Oh wow she must be very pretty then. Sometimes I like to get into Mommy's jewelry box and look pretty too!

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Galatea don't forget you can come over to the cosmic bar it is open now I'm the new bartender cheesing apples their

NEW 10 months ago #6115

@slick duck sure I said words to there already. but.. who eats cheese with their apples? eww hehe

NEW 10 months ago #6116

she is very sexy and beautiful.

NEW 10 months ago #6117

Oh I'll bet my mean old brother would know where she lives then, he says the girls he looks at on his computer are seck C so that's got to be somewhere nearby, right?

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