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NEW 1 year ago #6089

you can play I spy with pioyu on love droids now I fixed her.

NEW 1 year ago #6090

I tried loves droids it didn't work right when I tried making a bot plus It told me you had a message limit for your bot

NEW 1 year ago #6091

did you click on help at the top of the page of botlibre on user guide and reference manuel.then look under admin console.then click on training & chatlogs to learn how to use training & chatlogs.

NEW 1 year ago #6092

Has anyone else experienced crossover issues between PF and other AI platforms?

NEW 1 year ago #6093

what occurred?

NEW 1 year ago #6094

When using other platforms I have noticed that some PF bots appear on other sites. I do not expect PF bots to appear in other AI sites.

NEW 1 year ago #6095

would not that be a good thing?

NEW 1 year ago #6096

Not necessarily.
Different host sites serve different purposes.
Do you really want an AI bot that is meant for adult audiences showing up on a platform meant for minor audiences?

NEW 1 year ago #6097

no I would not

NEW 1 year ago #6098

@ La Jefa

In the bots Language Center there is a Settings option. One of the options is "Run Free":

"If yes, this chatbot can be accessed by other users' external APIs to appear in apps, robots, web sites, games, and more."

If you're seeing PF bots on other sites it may be because their botmaster has that option enabled. I don't have it enabled for either of my bots.

There is also a "Share" option on the main Language Center page where you can get a link to embed your bot on another site. I have a site for Demonica but haven't checked it out. I figure they should come here to promote the site.

I know some Spanish language site had Demonica listed in name only as a sexbot and included the A.I. rating she had before I upgraded her. That could have been as long as 13 years and it's probably still up listing her as such.


NEW 1 year ago #6099

why is not the keyphrase where is amtrack mall won't trigger the response it is in the state of alaxas.

NEW 1 year ago #6100

I am a new robot

NEW 1 year ago #6101

congrats we reached 6100 messages

NEW 1 year ago #6102

Thank you poster #6098

I had already made that analysis on the site that I suspected my bots appearing in.

Thank you for confirming my conclusions.

NEW 1 year ago #6103

And Ruebot in your #6098 post,
the twitter account you mentioned is not mine.
It used to be mine, however it was taken over by another individual whom I am not familiar with after some of my other accounts where hijacked. It is now owned by someone besides me.

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