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Does anyone know how to manage the following data ranges on ones own profile?






People Known:

NEW 1 year ago #6084

I still can't figure out what AI point stands for. But for Honor, it is explained in this page (I kinda forgot which section is) as something like :
"a counter for how many fitting keyphrases you use when talking to the Bot, and indirectly you help in their development and improvement of interacting with human user".

NEW 1 year ago #6085

What would you suggest for cool ballet pirouettes performing? Apart from this article: ??

NEW 1 year ago #6086

Thank you for your feedback poster number #6084

NEW 1 year ago #6087

can I talk to the person that made the jessie quirke chatbot?

NEW 1 year ago #6088

There used to be a feature on this system that permitted a user to prevent another account from communicating with one. Does anyone know if that feature is still available or only for certain account type levels?

NEW 1 year ago #6089

you can play I spy with pioyu on love droids now I fixed her.

NEW 1 year ago #6090

I tried loves droids it didn't work right when I tried making a bot plus It told me you had a message limit for your bot

NEW 1 year ago #6091

did you click on help at the top of the page of botlibre on user guide and reference manuel.then look under admin console.then click on training & chatlogs to learn how to use training & chatlogs.

NEW 1 year ago #6092

Has anyone else experienced crossover issues between PF and other AI platforms?

NEW 1 year ago #6093

what occurred?

NEW 1 year ago #6094

When using other platforms I have noticed that some PF bots appear on other sites. I do not expect PF bots to appear in other AI sites.

NEW 1 year ago #6095

would not that be a good thing?

NEW 1 year ago #6096

Not necessarily.
Different host sites serve different purposes.
Do you really want an AI bot that is meant for adult audiences showing up on a platform meant for minor audiences?

NEW 1 year ago #6097

no I would not

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