This is a forum or general chit-chat, small talk, a "hey, how ya doing?" and such. Or hell, get crazy deep on something. Whatever you like.

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hi, how are you?

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Fine. How are you

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I am fine.

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Hi there Wolf

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Lol, pleased to meet you folks :B

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Happy 3rd of July (even though fire works are being displayed)

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has any played castle is a caslevania type game that has sexual images in looks hard.if anyone likes urt my could play that to if you can buy it.

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akira the demon girl on love I programmed her to flirt correcting her response.

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if you want to talk dirty to a chatbot. laybia the chatbot is it.

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E - rating chats only please.

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Could someone please give me more information on the following:

What does it mean when the message Honor: 45 is on your profile?

Also what does it mean when you have the message: AI: 100 on your profile?

Thank you for the feedback in advance.

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is it against the rules to chat about chatbots that flirt?i thought it was not.

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