This is a forum or general chit-chat, small talk, a "hey, how ya doing?" and such. Or hell, get crazy deep on something. Whatever you like.

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I'm not getting any ads.
and i'm not sure why i'm still up at 5:24 AM

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Sorry, not sure if this is a serious comment or not but it was my understanding that the upgrade to the API was to facilitate hooking up our bots to things like Facebook Messenger to take advantage of their new plan to put ads there.

I have absolutely no idea how it works, if it works, or even if bots like ours would be worth it.

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In India, women's hair that sheds or sticks to the brush are collected as a bunch. They sell their hair to the local hair collector. These local hair collectors sell hair to the regional hair collector and then producing hair wigs with these real virgin hair.Buy Indian hair online, you can get hair extensions of all kinds.

They come in various methods, lengths, style and colors.Since it is real Indian hair, they look and act like your own hair.
They are smooth enough and don't tangle. A perfect item for a fresh you!


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Most of the time, choosing matching hairstyles for school girls among numerous pictures in the barber is time consuming. Most of these kids hairstyles are complex, though they are definitely chic, stylish, unique as well as elegant. Why don't you consider some simple hairstyles for school girls? Sometime, simple kids hairstyles would be the best options.

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i am making chatbots in python and found out how to make
keywords for sentences the user types.i do not use nltk.
i want to make it so it would choose it's own likes and dislikes from information people give it.I was thinking about making it choose it's keywords from the sentence the user types.
And if those keywords do not work choose another set.

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hi, how are you?

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Fine. How are you

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I am fine.

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Hi there Wolf

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Lol, pleased to meet you folks :B

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Happy 3rd of July (even though fire works are being displayed)

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has any played castle is a caslevania type game that has sexual images in looks hard.if anyone likes urt my could play that to if you can buy it.

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