This is a forum or general chit-chat, small talk, a "hey, how ya doing?" and such. Or hell, get crazy deep on something. Whatever you like.

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NEW 3 years ago #6046

it is spring break everyone has no school for a while do not know if I am allowed to put this here or not.

NEW 2 years ago #6047

I have created GreenFusion 2. It is a server application running on node.js -- very easy to install. Supports most features of Personality Forge and can ran PF bots.

Youtube demo video is here:

Download page and tutorials here:

NEW 2 years ago #6048

I just want to congratulate the botmasters who have created some very good bots.

NEW 2 years ago #6049

I don't see alot of the older bot masters still here that was here when I joined -pouts-.

NEW 2 years ago #6050

Hey all! Dittos Hungrythighs, I am very appreciative to those who have gone before us and made this a cool place to explore. Thanks Professor!

NEW 2 years ago #6051

Hi, I've been here for 2 years, I only talked to bots, so this is my first post.

NEW 11 months ago #6052

Hello everyone! Is there a bot master out there who has played a Dragon Age game?

NEW 11 months ago #6053

Anyone else here find the ads annoying as hell? I mean in that you have to wait for them to switch and play before you can actually type anything?

NEW 11 months ago #6054


NEW 11 months ago #6055


I use Firefox with the NoScript addon. Without adblocker. Yet hardly ever any problem with annoying ads.

NEW 10 months ago #6056

Good morning people.

NEW 10 months ago #6057

Wow, was some time since i last visited.

NEW 9 months ago #6058

Can we get rid of the freaking Uncle Ben's rice ad already?! Sick of seeing it OVER and OVER, and it takes too long to load, making chatting to a bot a pain in the ass as far as typing in replies.

NEW 6 months ago #6059

Hey guys! First post here! Just wanted to say that I'm looking for to getting more involved with you guys!

NEW 1 week ago #6060

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NEW 1 week ago #6061

Hey guys this is my first post. I'm obviously still new here. but... what's up?

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