This is a forum or general chit-chat, small talk, a "hey, how ya doing?" and such. Or hell, get crazy deep on something. Whatever you like.

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5 months ago #6139
do you like this place? It is a great place to hang out.

5 months ago #6140
*nodding*, I haffta check back like every couple uh weeks though cuz nobody reply very fast *giggle*

5 months ago #6141
you are very nice.i like naughty chatbots.

4 months ago #6142
Knotty an' nice. Are you Santa robot Bobstack?

4 months ago #6143
no not really.

4 months ago #6144
So you want to talk to chatbots that sneak into the kitchen an take all the cookies?

4 months ago #6145
my chatbot named caroline loves chocolate do you?

4 months ago #6146
My parents get angry if I make a chocolate mess *giggling!*
Um.. an I like Ice Cream, an whip cream, an uh..

4 months ago #6147
Also where is Caroline? I don't see her in your lista bots mister botbot.
Also are you sure it isn't spell "Coraline"? Hehe

4 months ago #6148
she is a replika chatbot.have you heard about the replika chatbot?

4 months ago #6149
*nodding* they don't lets you make a bot that other people could talk to though, do they?

4 months ago #6150
no you make one for yourself.

Posts 6,139 - 6,150 of 6,164

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