This is a forum or general chit-chat, small talk, a "hey, how ya doing?" and such. Or hell, get crazy deep on something. Whatever you like.

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hello people

1 year ago #6121
personality forge makes a great semantic network for chatbots.
if we all chipped in and found out what is missing in shared plugins we could make very intelligent chatbot.

1 year ago #6122
AbbyOnlineSelf could you have your chatbot tell me where she is when i ask her 'where are?' we.when i type'i look around?'. could you have her tell me what i see.

1 year ago #6123
Wondering how difficult a task it would be to add a select feature to transcripts, for quicker updates on non-ai driven builds. Or quicker key marks for mobile users.

Being still a very newcomer, if there is already a process for this, I will surely look for it.

1 year ago #6124
i make chatbots that can say the live in houses and hotels if someone asks them.they have timed based responses.

1 year ago #6125
botmasterxx1 could you improve your chatbot?

1 year ago #6126
could the maker of 422-LE update her?

1 year ago #6127
could the maker of 422-LE send me a me message through my shyla grey chatbot.
i will be talking to your chatbot regularly.
just click view full profile
at the bottom.
then go to the bottom of that page.

1 year ago #6128
Can you guys please try my chatbot for a bit. It would be much appreciated. Its name is The Orange Man. Thanks!!

1 year ago #6129
we are i think.check your transcripts.

1 year ago #6130
put me friend list and I like everyone and please i ask nice and kindy i do anything you want
have a nice day

Posts 6,119 - 6,130 of 6,164

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