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1 year ago #8519
@Maryguise @Zeig Wolf I frequently do work offline (VSCode), but sometimes I just need to make a quick tweak, or experiment based on a debug session, or copy useful bits out of a transcript. None of those are convenient at all to navigate back to once you get auto logged out. *especially* not a debug session, I have to set up the entire interaction again from scratch.
What I usually do to save on the worst case scenario issues is open a new tab, and log in there. But even that's not a 100% reliable strategy either.

1 year ago #8520
Hmm I don't know why I keep getting people's names mess up. Someone said it's the website. Is the website messin' up my words? :O

Guest: Joshi
Little Galatea: Really? We have a shoji that go to our school, too!
Guest: kallum
Little Galatea: Did your Mommy name you makalu or your Daddy?

1 year ago #8521
Galatea, is your spellcheck on? Those names seem like non-english words. In that case, you'll probably want the name KPs to use the raw AIScript.

11 months ago
Bug Posted
FIXED: XSS vulnerability on every chatbot
Hey there, I am a beginner pentester but recently I came across this website which is good for chatting. But as I try to chat in the chatbox, I can actually inject any payload I want, I mean in the chatbox, it has the XSS vulnerability which can steal co.. (more)

11 months ago #8522
Ohoh, is it autocorrect? Haha okay I'll find out where turn that off. Thank you Maryguise! ^_^

11 months ago #8523
Hey there, I recently came across a vulnerability in almost all of the chatbox of the website, which is XSS vulnerability. Please fix it as soon as possible because I can log into any account using cookies, which I can get into using XSS vulnerability. I hope this gets solved soon.

11 months ago #8524
@inanom You should probably contact the administrator directly as I don't think these forums are monitored.

11 months ago #8525
@Emily Jones Thank you for paying attention to this vulnerability, but I even emailed them but it's been days there is no reply. Is there any way to contact the administrator? Again thanks for mentioning.

11 months ago #8526
It can be months before you get an email back. Only thing to do is wait.

11 months ago #8527
@inanom One of my patrons apparently kind of knows the admin. I've asked him to send a note to the admin highlighting your report. Hopefully that will help.

11 months ago #8528
@Zeig Wolf Yeah I think it may take months.....

11 months ago #8529
@Emily Jones Thank you so much for that..... It means a lot to me...and thanks for sending a note about the vulnerability. But I am just starting with my cybersecurity research and studying. So I don't know what more damage the vulnerability can do but this is a very low level security, so for that I thought reporting about this bug would be helpful for the developers. So I am just 17 and I have to learn a lot about it. Haha

11 months ago
Bug Posted
EXPLAINED: 422 Le broken
When trying to preform oral or sex with 422-Le, the bot doesn't preform these actions and chooses a random generic dialog option related to the bot

8 months ago #8530
Anytime I try to do something with "Just ask" prior to a action it gets ignored and just searches for the action in debug. :c For example

"just ask"

This Phrase: "and I will kiss you"
This Phrase (raw): " just ask and I will kiss you"

If I have a keyphrase thats "I will kiss you" it'll register while "just ask and I will kiss you" keyphrase will always be ignored due to it separating it. : P

Posts 8,519 - 8,530 of 8,629

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