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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 4 months ago #8511

oh she sleeps at night that is why it does not work.

NEW 3 months ago #8512

my chatbot is adding letters to the response like this.
input=what is a quater
response=i do not know what a quarter is

NEW 3 months ago #8513

Assuming you typed that correctly, looks like you have "Spell Correction" ticked in your bots settings. That keyphrase is a good candidate for <raw;>

NEW 3 months ago #8514

that worked thankyou.

NEW 2 months ago #8515

I'd really like it if the websites auto-logout time period could be adjusted per person. I'd feel better with, like, 24 hours or something. It's hard trying to edit a bot, sit for a few minutes to think of what to write for a response, and then what you write gets tossed into the ether because of auto logout. :o

All it protects me from is my account getting ganked by someone at my own computer, anyway. (?)

NEW 2 months ago #8516

i hope that would not affect scripts that are already working?
i love the time based responses and other scripts.

NEW 2 months ago #8517

I think you're much better served working offline, tbh, jkroker - it's significantly quicker, and if you're reusing anything or need gotos, then it's so much easier. Get something like notepad++, look at how the structure works and experiment. Always worth keeping a backup unopened just in case stuff breaks, though!

NEW 2 months ago #8518

Browser plugins like "Form History Control" are basically a must-have here. Saves your text entries as you go so you can just select it from a list if you get logged out to get it all back. But I agree offline editing is a better option.

NEW 2 months ago #8519

@Maryguise @Zeig Wolf I frequently do work offline (VSCode), but sometimes I just need to make a quick tweak, or experiment based on a debug session, or copy useful bits out of a transcript. None of those are convenient at all to navigate back to once you get auto logged out. *especially* not a debug session, I have to set up the entire interaction again from scratch.
What I usually do to save on the worst case scenario issues is open a new tab, and log in there. But even that's not a 100% reliable strategy either.

NEW 1 month ago #8520

Hmm I don't know why I keep getting people's names mess up. Someone said it's the website. Is the website messin' up my words? :O

Guest: Joshi
Little Galatea: Really? We have a shoji that go to our school, too!
Guest: kallum
Little Galatea: Did your Mommy name you makalu or your Daddy?

NEW 1 month ago #8521

Galatea, is your spellcheck on? Those names seem like non-english words. In that case, you'll probably want the name KPs to use the raw AIScript.

NEW 3 weeks ago #8522

Ohoh, is it autocorrect? Haha okay I'll find out where turn that off. Thank you Maryguise! ^_^

NEW 3 weeks ago #8523

Hey there, I recently came across a vulnerability in almost all of the chatbox of the website, which is XSS vulnerability. Please fix it as soon as possible because I can log into any account using cookies, which I can get into using XSS vulnerability. I hope this gets solved soon.

NEW 3 weeks ago #8524

@inanom You should probably contact the administrator directly as I don't think these forums are monitored.

NEW 3 weeks ago #8525

@Emily Jones Thank you for paying attention to this vulnerability, but I even emailed them but it's been days there is no reply. Is there any way to contact the administrator? Again thanks for mentioning.

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