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NEW 3 months ago #8506


You are reading the memory backwards. When you write rem "hide" as only "play", you are storing the memory "hide" inside the box labelled "play". To recall that memory, you need to do open the play box and look for the hide memory: "if (mem-play) is "hide".

[edit]Likely this is the same issue with all of your other memory-related problems.

NEW 3 months ago #8507

@Emily Thank you so much!!! Everything I was trying to do works perfectly now!

NEW 3 months ago #8508

Is there any way to fiddle with the plugins that handle the various 'yes', 'no' cases? The expression 'No problem' gets interpreted to mean 'no', when it really probably ought to go to 'yes', if anything. Is there any way to get this to work correctly other than adding 'no problem' to every seek that looks for 'yes'?

NEW 3 months ago #8509

i am (woman|female) keyphrase not working

NEW 2 months ago #8510

this plugin (p:adult-female) is not working completely.
could someone test it out?

NEW 2 months ago #8511

oh she sleeps at night that is why it does not work.

NEW 1 month ago #8512

my chatbot is adding letters to the response like this.
input=what is a quater
response=i do not know what a quarter is

NEW 1 month ago #8513

Assuming you typed that correctly, looks like you have "Spell Correction" ticked in your bots settings. That keyphrase is a good candidate for <raw;>

NEW 1 month ago #8514

that worked thankyou.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8515

I'd really like it if the websites auto-logout time period could be adjusted per person. I'd feel better with, like, 24 hours or something. It's hard trying to edit a bot, sit for a few minutes to think of what to write for a response, and then what you write gets tossed into the ether because of auto logout. :o

All it protects me from is my account getting ganked by someone at my own computer, anyway. (?)

NEW 2 weeks ago #8516

i hope that would not affect scripts that are already working?
i love the time based responses and other scripts.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8517

I think you're much better served working offline, tbh, jkroker - it's significantly quicker, and if you're reusing anything or need gotos, then it's so much easier. Get something like notepad++, look at how the structure works and experiment. Always worth keeping a backup unopened just in case stuff breaks, though!

NEW 2 weeks ago #8518

Browser plugins like "Form History Control" are basically a must-have here. Saves your text entries as you go so you can just select it from a list if you get logged out to get it all back. But I agree offline editing is a better option.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8519

@Maryguise @Zeig Wolf I frequently do work offline (VSCode), but sometimes I just need to make a quick tweak, or experiment based on a debug session, or copy useful bits out of a transcript. None of those are convenient at all to navigate back to once you get auto logged out. *especially* not a debug session, I have to set up the entire interaction again from scratch.
What I usually do to save on the worst case scenario issues is open a new tab, and log in there. But even that's not a 100% reliable strategy either.

NEW 1 day ago #8520

Hmm I don't know why I keep getting people's names mess up. Someone said it's the website. Is the website messin' up my words? :O

Guest: Joshi
Little Galatea: Really? We have a shoji that go to our school, too!
Guest: kallum
Little Galatea: Did your Mommy name you makalu or your Daddy?

NEW 1 day ago #8521

Galatea, is your spellcheck on? Those names seem like non-english words. In that case, you'll probably want the name KPs to use the raw AIScript.

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