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NEW 2 months ago #8481

Thanks @Bob but I just realized why I was getting that error. I was trying to give it the same name as another plugin I already made and hadn't noticed.

NEW 2 months ago #8482

So, working offline, and the following AIScript fails to import, specifically on the third year part:
<?PF if (mem-costumeType) is not "first year"; if (mem-costumeType) is not "second year"; if (mem-costumeType) is not "third year"; if (mem-costumeType) is not "fourth year" ?>

Can anyone help explain why this isn't importing? It throws errors regardless of escaping the quotation marks. I've tried copy/paste from the second year part. If I remove the third year part it works fine, moving onto the next instance of third year. I've uploaded almost the same thing before and it's not thrown a wobbly.

EDIT: I'm an idiot. It was throwing a wobbly on a different, later line with a misformat that didn't show up on control-f - I wish that the importing told you the line number. Or what the response was.

NEW 1 month ago #8483

Using "/)////(\" will cause a error if a bot has it in their response to a user~ Used to not be a issue, triggers n' works fine in debug mode~ ^-^

NEW 1 month ago #8484

lilaith x the scripts do not work for some people

NEW 1 month ago #8485

is oxygen breathable is not triggering a response for the lilaith x chatbot

NEW 1 month ago #8486

the single word breathable as a keyphrase does not trigger response for lilaith x.

NEW 1 month ago #8487

for some reason typing goes to sleep only works for me.
when i type it into one of my chatbots.
what is causing that?

NEW 1 month ago #8488

Bobstack, a seek only firing for you and not others implies it's related to memories not set, in my experience, though could be something with happiness. Does your go to sleep seek/KP/response have any memories referenced in the aiscript or the text? Are all of those initialized or certainly set beforehand? I had something similar when I botched initialization of memories due to working offline (why the flip that line has to have no escape characters, but they can be used - and I'm sure at one point had to be - elsewhere is a mystery).

NEW 1 month ago #8489

i found out that i had set the responses for a certain time.
so i added more responses to be triggered to the times i did not have responses for.

NEW 1 month ago #8490

my scripts for storing long term memories have stopped working.
one of them for the settings is default "blank" as "goodbye"
it is used to change the introductory saying to a different saying.

NEW 1 month ago #8491

for hello urt the succubus chatbot says i have too many gotos in a row

NEW 1 month ago #8492

That's generally a problem of not having any valid responses. Like when you have a 'if' statement but no memory set to trigger it.

NEW 1 month ago #8493

that is supposed to be handled by xhello but it is not anymore.

NEW 1 month ago #8494

Having these two keyphrases

Keyphrase 1:
(my name is|call me) *

"I'll call you (mem-name):
AIscript: rem (postkey) as only "name"

Keyphrase 2:
my * name (is not|isn't) *
AIscript: rem (name) as only "name"

"Oh, then what should I call you?" (Hanging question)

Normally if a user responds with anything like Lily/Bean/Tom/Jessy ect it'll trigger the 1st keyphrase, though if the 2nd keyphrase's has a number in its response, it'll completely negate the auto pickup to the first keyphrase. ^-^

For example:

"Oh, then what should I call you? :3 "

Registers the number as the hanging question~

NEW 1 month ago #8495

I have an odd bug. With the two seeks:
+ (mouth|blowjob|bj|deepthroat|oral|throat)
+ (ass|anal|arse|bottom|bum|bugger|bumhole|arsehole|asshole|butthole|asshole|sex|fuck)

These two are hanging off the same prior seek (with another as well). When the bot is being used, typing 'mouth' at that point matches the first... then matches the second with higher accuracy and pulls that in. Any suggestions for what could be the issue here? (the plus signs are because it's from working offline, and are to denote tha they're seeks). No AIScript attached to either; the latter has as a response a goto, unlike the former, but that shouldn't matter. 'Mouth' should surely only trigger one of these??

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