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NEW 7 months ago #8415

Hey y'all...It has been some time. I was wondering if the bot to bot chatting functionality ever got fixed?

NEW 7 months ago #8416


yep, it was finally resolved a few months ago. also, welcome back! your bot was one of my favorites back in 2017. really good work.

NEW 7 months ago #8417

Thanks @getcy I am happy you like my bot a lot! I will work on her some more as it has been some time since I last updated her

NEW 7 months ago #8418

my AI actually increased the day after it was only because the site went down at midnight

NEW 7 months ago #8419

can somebody help me with this "I have to many gotos in a row"

NEW 6 months ago #8420

Everything, it happens sometimes with gotos. It will always happen if there's a goto pointing to another goto (even with the secondary goto being in another reponse, I think); sometimes it happens on other gotos, though, and I'm not 100% sure why. It's never happened on any of my more complex series of gotos for me, so I've always sorted it by just duplicating the goto'd branch and using gotos from the seeks instead.

NEW 6 months ago #8421

it is fixed I had the wrong emotion set for it lol

NEW 5 months ago #8422

I've been trying to talk to tessy, keep getting a "request failed" and losing progress. Anyone know what's up with that?

NEW 5 months ago #8423

keyphrases trigger for me and not for people talking to lilaith x

NEW 5 months ago #8424


NEW 5 months ago #8425

Bobstack, do they trigger if you chat without being logged in? I suspect you've got similar issues to the ones I had - bad initalization of memories. Might be one or two places where you've typoed the memory name, but niitialization is my suspicion.

NEW 5 months ago #8426

what do you mean by initialization?

NEW 5 months ago #8427

I mean the area in the settings - or the top of the file - where you initialize memories. Settings page, about halfway down, AIScript initialization. Stuff like def "21" as "playedAge" or similar; I'd been working offline and using escape chars on the initialization, so def \"21\" as \"playedAge\", for example, which doesn't work in that segment, though it works for the rest (but is optional these days). That being wrong would lead to the AIScript being fine for you if you've been running through other stuff that would set it, or had it remembered from before anything broke, but broken for new or not logged in people, and if AIScript isn't set, it won't trigger responses.

NEW 5 months ago #8428

I agree with Mary - every time I run into that, it's a memory issue. Mine normally aren't because of initialization, though. Sometimes I change a memory how a memory works in some places but miss a few spots. It still works for me because I have the old memories, but other people don't so it doesn't work for them.

If it's not a memory issue, all I can think of is the emotion level.

NEW 5 months ago #8429

i use scripts but i have nothing in ai script initialization.
because i only require temporary memory for lilaith x.

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