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NEW 2 weeks ago #8348

Oh, ha ha...colon parenthesis, not sad face. This, but without the spaces:

1: (
2: (
3: (
4: (

Let's see if that looks better...

NEW 2 weeks ago #8349

Oh, and invisible carriage returns: sometimes when I'm making a plugin I gather words and phrases from around the web and paste them into a Google doc or notepad, and then paste the whole list into the plugin when I'm done, rather than typing each item separately into the plugin. If there are carriage returns in the document or "curly" quotes or apostrophes and you paste them into the plugin they'll interfere with the ability of the language processor to evaluate and select the list items.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8350

Hrm, sadly that didn't work. It seems (*|) can't be substituted for *, or at least in this case it broke the kp somehow. (Couldn't even find an attempt to process it in the debugger.)

I do appreciate you taking the time to look this over though. For now I'll just use the alternate kp to redirect nonsense and add more specific possibilities as the need arises.

Thank you!

NEW 2 weeks ago #8351

Try leaving the * as is but keeping the :4 in the plugin key.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8352

I did actually try that. Still nada.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8353

This doesn't help you Nathan S, but you don't need to have "an" in your keyphrases, the site changes all "an"'s to just "a" before matching. Just saves a bit of time and effort. You can also use (det) instead, which could match "_an_ engineer" "_the_ president" "_a_ pilot", etc.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8354

See I THOUGHT that from reading the book of AI lol. But for some reason I've been batting 0 with this kp. It wants specific variations for a and an to work and won't bounce back the appropriate determiner in the response.

It's crazy.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8355

Hmm, even triggers without the *. That's quite the conundrum you've found yourself... In my testing this seems to work though, even for weird stuff. (i did edit it a bit)

I am (studying|learning|training) to (be|become) a (p:Job-catch:1),
I am (trying|attempting) to (get a job as|become) a (p:Job-catch:1),
I (work|am working) as a (p:Job-catch:1),
I am (studying|learning|training) (so I can|to) (be|become) a (p:Job-catch:1)

Why a (key1) (postkey)?

NEW 2 weeks ago #8356

Could just be that the websites health isn't too great these days. Seems slow, with a lot of time-outs. I find I have to hit the button to submit new kp's more than once before it goes.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8357

I just tried out how you have it set up on your bot Zeig. (Thanks for checking it out) What I found is it has the same problem when I tried something similar to that. It will catch if the user uses A but not An.

I.E. I'm studying to be a engineer will catch
But I'm studying to be an engineer won't.

Though I love that yours returns the right determiner.

What I think I'm going to do is split it up into two different keyphrases. One for An and one for A.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8358

I found a way to fix it!

Here's a couple things I learned along the way.

I am a * (p:Job-catch) will return the correct determiner but it won't catch if the user inputs an. Such as "I am an engineer."

Where it gets weird is... I am a * (p:Job-catch), I am an * (p:Job-catch) won't accept an input of an either.

I am (a|an) * (p:Job-catch) on the other hand works perfectly. It accepts a or an. It will grab things like 'I am a heart surgeon', I am a brain surgeon' I am an English Teacher, electrical engineer... etc. and it doesn't accept nonsense such a I am a walrus.

Input: I am an electrical engineer
Response: 'Oh yeah?' She asks. 'Do you like being an engineer?' "

What I discovered about the above keyphrase I was working on that the problem appeared to be in the response. I'm starting to think it had something to do with the quotation marks.

When I changed the response to 'Oh yeah? Do you think you'll like being a (key5)?' Everything worked out perfectly. Right determiner given back. Doesn't accept garbage input.

Hopefully this little adventure will help someone in the future.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8359

I find I have to hit the button to submit new kp's more than once before it goes.

the same thing happens to me.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8360

Nice work, Nathan!

NEW 1 week ago #8361

urt the chatbot is not working.when other people talk to her.but her keyphrases only work with me.i do not think those people are chatbots.

NEW 5 days ago #8362

xnones are not working with story telling mode.

NEW 5 days ago #8363

I put once script on it and that is probably why it is not working for me

for urt chatbot.

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