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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 1 year ago #8332

responses do not trigger when other people talk to pioyu2 chatbot.

NEW 1 year ago #8333

Am i the only one that can't get AI higher? I've been working on this for 6 days, got to 182 the second day and although i've put much more work in the last days, the AI meter is still at 182. Hope that this isn't a bug and i am wrong

NEW 1 year ago #8334

I've emailed The Professor about the xgossip bug and the bot to bot conversations bug. We'll see what he says. Thank you all for your detailed explorations of the problems! I passed along the relevant information.

NEW 1 year ago #8335

keyphrases do not work when other people besides myself talk to urt2.has anyone else had this happen to them?

NEW 1 year ago #8336

I have not had that same problem Bob. Can you give us some example keyphrases that are not working for you?

NEW 1 year ago #8337

the How old are you keyphrase does not work?

NEW 1 year ago #8338

Hi there.

Nathan S
what is your age?

I am 100 years old. are you a male or female?

Nathan S
how old are you?

I am 100 years old.

Nathan S
how old are you

I am 100 years old.

Nathan S
so, how old are ya?

I am 100 years old. are you a male or female?

I couldn't replicate the problem. Are you sure it's users who can't use the kp and not bots? Bot to bot speak has been broken for awhile now.

NEW 1 year ago #8339

yes you could be right it could be bots.

NEW 1 year ago #8340

I'm not sure if this should go here or in Great Quotes but....

I have a keyphrase...

Keyphrase: i (used to have|once had|once had:1) a (np:2)$

Response: '(Key1) a (key2)?' She echoes. 'What happened?"

Threw it in, forgot about it for ages... and then this happened....

Guest: I used to have a pet hampster, but she died years ago. And i was thinking about how we sometimes forget that we ever had pets as children.

Thessaly: 'Used to have a pet atmosphere?' She echoes. 'What happened?'

Guest: What?

Thessaly: 'Nothing,' She shrugs. 'I was expecting you to say something.'

Guest: Oh. Nevermind.

Apparently the word hamster gets reprocessed into atmosphere....

NEW 1 year ago #8341

Yep; it's that extraneous "p" in the input.

Respelled words:
[0] => hampster

Message Info
Emotion: 0 Amp: 0 FoundHello: 0 FoundGoodbye: 0 FoundYes: 0 FoundNo: 0 FoundLaugh: 0
Sentences: I have a pet atmosphere

Interesting that the simpler and more complete dictionary word match of "hamster" isn't what it lands on. Drop "p" to get "hamster" versus adding "o" and "p," adding another "e," and rearranging the whole word.

I forgot that I had "hamster" in a plugin so was entertained by Frizella's responses when I told her about my pet hamster. The joys of returning to the Forge for rediscovery.

NEW 1 year ago #8342

It really doesn't want to find "hamster," does it?

You: I have a pet hanster
Bot: Really...let's hear about your handrest, Dallymo.

NEW 1 year ago #8343

There is a glitch for your bots AI not increasing anymore it happened to a few bots on here

NEW 1 year ago #8344

Aha! Good catch! And that really is funny about the word hamster.

I would love to do a lot more with plugin responses that work with the user's input but man... when they fail it's a train wreck.

At least now I know my bot isn't starting to gain sentience.

NEW 1 year ago #8345

A note re: plugins: if you copy/paste entries into the plugin values box, be sure you strip out any invisible carriage returns or unintended "smart quote" characters, since they can interfere with the selection of keyphrases using the plugin. Spent a good hour last night hammering away in debug trying to figure out why my obviously suitable, maximum rated keyphrase was not being considered. D'oh. ;-)

NEW 1 year ago #8346

Funny you should bring that up... because I ran into a similar problem earlier today and I'm not quite certain what you mean by invisible carriage returns...

The keyprhase I have is this:

I am (studying|learning|training) to (be a|be an|become a|become an) * (p:Job-catch),
I am (trying|attempting) to get a job as (a|an) * (p:Job-catch),
I (work|am working) as (a|an) * (p:Job-catch),
I am (studying|learning|training) (so I can be|so I can become) * (p:Job-catch)

Response 'A (key4) eh? Do you think you'll like doing that?'

Now the keyphrase works fine. Catching things like "I'm studying to be a rich and famous actor." And it will return, "A actor, eh? Do you think you'll enjoy doing that?"

The problem is, it will also catch things like: "I'm studying to be a walrus." or "I'm studying to be a block of wood"

Returning with "A eh, do you think you'll enjoy doing that?"

As a brute force temporary fix I added the kp:

I am (studying|learning|training) to (be a|be an|become a|become an) (*),
I am (trying|attempting) to get a job as (a|an) (*),
I (work|am working) as (a|an) (*),
I am (studying|learning|training) (so I can be|so I can become) (*)

which just goes to xnone. But it's a really inelegant solution. And I'd like to know why the original kp catches things that aren't in the plugin.

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