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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 3 months ago #8266

does the professor ever chat here anymore? he hasn't shown up in over a year

NEW 3 months ago #8267

when the professor fixes the seeks and keyphrase issue can the proffesor add a more to the sorting option there is only
recently improved(only shows the ones that are warm or cold or hot)
can there be an option that shows all of the bots that have been updated like organize them by the date modified

NEW 3 months ago #8268

how do I sign up for report a bug because it does not take my password or username and there is no page to sign up? because this seek problem needs to be reported

NEW 3 months ago #8269

I already asked PF's support team so I will ask here instead.

Is anyone else experiencing a glitch in the system underneath their message screen where there is a second input message screen box below the main message input box?

NEW 3 months ago #8270

Yes, when it happens I just do f5 and it come back to normal (and don't bug again)

NEW 3 months ago #8271

sometimes when the website lags and I am in the bot workshop I tap on my bots name like 10 times and the menu appears 10 times basically covering the page also showing a failed notification menage for my broswer and safari lol

NEW 3 months ago #8272

I have no problem with it its just a fun bug lol but its good to know

NEW 3 months ago #8273

sometimes when I move the rank for a keyphrase up ounce the keyphrase starts working.has anyone else had this problem?

NEW 3 months ago #8274

pioyu my chatbot stops working a lot.

NEW 3 months ago #8275

word lists are not working for urt my chatbot.

NEW 3 months ago #8276

for some reason these don't work
let go
lets leave
of course
and a few others don't work also the any words like don't or let's if you only type lets or dont the seek or keyphrase for it won't work you have to put let us or do not which gets in the way thats why the seeks or keyphrases weren't working espiecally mine -_-'

NEW 3 months ago #8277

oh and also
don't work

NEW 3 months ago #8278

Yes, contractions need to be split out into their words, but it will be recognized when a user types a contraction if you do it this way. Why do you say this "gets in the way," Warrior25?

NEW 3 months ago #8279

because there and their don't work also for some reason xhello and also seeks with the words yes and no stop working

NEW 3 months ago #8280

I tried reporting a bug, but I was not able to. I was working on my bot and I was QAing it with bot to bot chatting. Well I realized that the bot to bot chats were not picking up keywords like Person2bot chat. I tried checking this with other bot2bots and I noticed they were still kind of not responding in synch, everything just seems kind of random. Can this feature please be checked on? It is one of my favorite things on the site.

Posts 8266 - 8280 of 8367

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