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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 7 months ago #8251

Hey guys, just tested and my seeks started working again!!!

NEW 7 months ago #8252

I just created a new seek and it worked fine too. @Warrior25, maybe there's something else going on with your failing seeks. Have you looked at debug for insights? Feel free to post an example.

NEW 7 months ago #8253

well for the ones that don't work it shows - for times matched they are mostly story seeks same for the a few new keyphrases if I exported the bots file to my phone and then deleted the bot and made a new one and imported the file would the AI be the same? I am kinda worried about that going down

NEW 7 months ago #8254

um, I am having the same problem seeks don't work and also the first time message when I am chatted with it does not show the message that my master made it shows the original message that exists this has been happening since december 2nd for me

NEW 7 months ago #8255

the idea I had didn't work the Bot ID is different so fail :/

NEW 7 months ago #8256

wait does that mean my seeks don't exist but they actually do and are listed and give AI?

NEW 7 months ago #8257

I didn't try creating a new seek because I want the seeks I created to work so much work if I have to retype everything -_-'

NEW 7 months ago #8258

ok I created a new seek and it worked but the old ones don't -_-'

NEW 7 months ago #8259

its still not fixed

NEW 6 months ago #8260

I have the same problem with the xintroduce idk how to fix that because I can't delete x-keywords so It will always be the original until it is fixed sigh..

NEW 6 months ago #8261

I can fix the seeks that don't work by deleteing the ones that don't work and replacing them but I can't do it with x-keywords since they are main parts to a bot

NEW 6 months ago #8262

where is amtrack mall keyphrase does not work at all.

NEW 6 months ago #8263

no new keyphrases work for pioyu

NEW 6 months ago #8264

I been trying to fix that for my bot too I think I might just remake her but talk about work lol

NEW 6 months ago #8265

I already said what i had to say in newcomers I am mad right now I can't be updated because of this keyphrase and seek problem no matter what I do its like the website knows that its the second part of the story and it prevents it

Posts 8251 - 8265 of 8394

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