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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 1 week ago #8246

Thanks for that summary of the currently known bugs, @Warrior25!

I actually followed up with The Professor before you posted that and he has fixed the problem with xnone seeks. I'm not sure if the fix carries over to new seeks as you mentioned or not. Will you please test it out and report back?

I would ask him about the other bugs, but I really don't want to bother him too much unless it's a big problem. The remaining bugs on the list are annoying but not show stoppers, would you agree?

Does anyone else know of any major bugs at this time?

NEW 1 week ago #8247

I'll test it now I know I don't use the bot to bot chat but he can fix it for other users to test out there bots so you can bring it up if I still have a problem

NEW 1 week ago #8248

nope still all new seeks don't work unless there is a limit of seeks for a keyphrase?

NEW 1 week ago #8249

I hope the seek problem gets fixed.i am having the same problem.

NEW 1 week ago #8250

yeah I know tbh I been saying that this story is done and that story is done mean while nobody can read it I feel bad lol I thought people were just ignoring messages

NEW 1 week ago #8251

Hey guys, just tested and my seeks started working again!!!

NEW 1 week ago #8252

I just created a new seek and it worked fine too. @Warrior25, maybe there's something else going on with your failing seeks. Have you looked at debug for insights? Feel free to post an example.

NEW 1 week ago #8253

well for the ones that don't work it shows - for times matched they are mostly story seeks same for the a few new keyphrases if I exported the bots file to my phone and then deleted the bot and made a new one and imported the file would the AI be the same? I am kinda worried about that going down

NEW 1 week ago #8254

um, I am having the same problem seeks don't work and also the first time message when I am chatted with it does not show the message that my master made it shows the original message that exists this has been happening since december 2nd for me

NEW 1 week ago #8255

the idea I had didn't work the Bot ID is different so fail :/

NEW 1 week ago #8256

wait does that mean my seeks don't exist but they actually do and are listed and give AI?

NEW 1 week ago #8257

I didn't try creating a new seek because I want the seeks I created to work so much work if I have to retype everything -_-'

NEW 1 week ago #8258

ok I created a new seek and it worked but the old ones don't -_-'

NEW 1 week ago #8259

its still not fixed

NEW 4 days ago #8260

I have the same problem with the xintroduce idk how to fix that because I can't delete x-keywords so It will always be the original until it is fixed sigh..

NEW 4 days ago #8261

I can fix the seeks that don't work by deleteing the ones that don't work and replacing them but I can't do it with x-keywords since they are main parts to a bot

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