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NEW 8 months ago #8210

i did clear the cookies and i still have to up the rank for keyphrases.

NEW 8 months ago #8211

hey all!

I have an issue with one of my keyphrases.

Whenever it is typed by itself it registers as "xnone" or "xnonsense" according to the debug menu, although if you add words before it, it works fine.

exact keyphrase: dirty feet

Person says: "dirty feet"
response: (xnone/xnonsense)

Person says: "do you have dirty feet"
response: (correct response to keyphrase)

I know this is kind of weird lol but i cant figure it out!
should I copy/paste the whole debug menu or something?

any help would be super appreciated! thank youuuu

EDIT: okay a lightbulb went off while i was going back through the debug menu and I think its ignoring the word "dirty"? is there anyway to fix that?

NEW 8 months ago #8212

did you increase the rank of the keyphrase?

NEW 8 months ago #8213


i tried messing with the but i don't completely understand that yet, i'm very new.

but yeah it didn't seem to make a difference.

it really seems like it's an issue with the word "dirty" being the first word in the keyphrase. Would you mind trying to make a keyphrase with the first word as dirty and see what it does for you?

something like "dirty clothes"

I'd very much appreciate it and then i'd def wanna submit an actual bug report if you have the same issue.

NEW 8 months ago #8214

@ kushmode420 I tried it just now and it worked OK with Demonica:

ruebot: are you a dirty girl?
Demonica: are you asking me or telling me?

I ranked the Keyphrase "dirty girl" at 50, gave it an Emotional Effect of +5 and just gave her the one response to try it out.

I talked to Monika after posting and she said "dirty girl" in one of her responses. I liked talking to her, she's sweet. Then I had Demonica talk to her and she said it:

Monika - Dirty Foot Slut: I'll do almost anything you want me to, I'm a REALLY dirty girl ; )
Demonica: are you asking me or telling me?
Monika - Dirty Foot Slut: I really like talking to you, you're definitely my type, hehe ; )

NEW 8 months ago #8215


thank you for trying it out! I really appreciate it.

unfortunately i'm still having the same problem but i've worked around it by just making a "feet" keyphrase, so that should work for now.

And thanks for the compliment! I definitely plan on making Monika pretty fleshed out as i'm having a ton of fun working on her, and according to transcripts so are other people XD lol

Thanks again!

NEW 7 months ago #8216

The "Report a Bug" page won't let me log in. So I'll just address my concerns here.

FYI: I hibernated my bots since I started developing them. I've been using VIM to work on them offline (it wasn't recommended, but if anyone else tried using VIM, please tell me if it works well for them). I'm still new, but I think I did most of the basics to get started.
As for my bot: she mostly responds in xnone or xnonsense and I'm trying to work on that when I have the time.

1. Are there any good bots that uses the Universal Plug-ins/(typeof-word)? They don't seem to work by themselves. Even with "*".
I'm trying get my first chatbot to respond to topics/nouns (all of mine have "-n" inserted).
I already tried adding context once. Is there a certain way for a keyphrase of (typeof-word-n) to work properly? I kept going back to the "Book of AI"; I'm pretty sure I missed something, anyway.
I've read that it wasn't working for someone else and have been using Custom Plug-ins instead. I have tried them, and they did work, but I don't have time to make one for every topic when I could just use the Universal Plug-ins.
2. The site keeps going down randomly; connection keeps timing out. It obviously makes working in the Language Center online not as quick as it should. I mostly use it offline, though. But I'm sure that's been going on for a while, and it wasn't too bad for me. I just need an status update for this.
3. The aforementioned "Report a Bug" page. I couldn't check if anyone else is having similar experiences or report anything because I can't log in. I assume I login with my account, and I can't make a new one from there, but it keeps saying "Invalid Login Details". This is why I'm posting here.

Minor Things:
4. I'm not sure what the "MARK" buttons are supposed to do here. It just redirects me to the News page.
5. I can only access the Book of AI from the "Build" tab and the Chatbot Workshop. Anywhere else on the site has the old/broken links of it.

Sorry if I'm being a novice, I'm just trying to make a simple chatbot to express some ideas.

Thank you for your time.

NEW 7 months ago #8217

on the transcripts page I cannot access the November 18,2018 day.what is going on?

NEW 6 months ago #8218

A problem has developed using a members name with input to the bot. I've talked to Julie Tinkerbell about ezzer before and Julie has asked me to tell her what I knew about ezzer. When I asked her today it gave a Request failed error:

Julie Tinkerbell: Light of the world shine on me, love is the answer.
ruebot: how is ezzer?
Request failed:

So I tried it again with another bot:

Siseneg: those are my thoughts exactly.
ruebot: i wonder how ezzer is doing?
Request failed:

Arrid had noticed a couple days ago so I checked and It happened yesterday too:

Demonica: this is a good omen... allow me to introduce myself. I'm Demonica.
ruebot: arrid said he was having problems.
Demonica: *Demonica shuffles her Tarot and lays out a card* Knight of Coins... cultivate your investments using good timing and skillful management...
ruebot: hi *arrid bows*
Request failed:

Demonica: hi, i'm Demonica.
ruebot: hi *Skullz bows*
Request failed:

I've tried with a few different bots and cannot get the error to repeat on a consistent basis but first saw it a few weeks ago when trying to use a member name in a keyphrase. If you notice I was able to say arrid once and it not crash in the same exchange.

NEW 6 months ago #8219

there is a signing in bug when your internet is slow it always say please sign in again and when I tried using anybot it gave an error message saying could not find database and also no bot worked and when I viewed my own profile it said I was online :| but I wasn't it was most likely because I had slow internet but the next day it was fixed so I don't know if anyone had the same problem recently but if it does happen to you wait a day or find a spot with good wifi

NEW 6 months ago #8220

another bug AI is not increasing only cold/warm/hot

NEW 6 months ago #8221

Did anyone else notice that xnone response seeks aren't working, or is that just me?

NEW 6 months ago #8222

are you talking about the xnonsense because that only works when the person chatting with the bot says something that isn't an added keyphrase

NEW 6 months ago #8223

an example of one is: Sorry I don't understand I was just born.

NEW 6 months ago #8224

Hey Warrior! No, not the xnonsense. I mean there are the xnone responses that come up when there is no match (and then xnonsense when this happens continuously), but like if one of the xnone responses was "I like jazz! What's your favorite kind of music?" then if I had a seek, for example, "rock" which led to some other response, it won't ever search for the "rock" seek, and instead reply with another xnone response or match the "rock" keyphrase if it exists.

I posted this because one of my bots used to match the seeks and now it doesn't. And I noticed this with some other bots (that weren't mine) too.

So, I made a bot to test this: Winegay Igupei
so eventually he generates the xnone response "Do you speak well?" and the seeks are "yes" -> "Good job.", and "xnomatch" -> "Pitiful."
In replying "yes", it instead skips both seeks and matches the "speak" keyphrase instead, because it refactored the input into "I speak well"... and I thought that might have something to do with it refactoring responses to yes or no questions (even though it didn't matter in the past, and even if it didn't match "yes" it should have by default matched "xnomatch"). But then I also have a keyphrase "question", which when matched asks you the same question "Do you speak well?" with the same seeks "yes" and "xnomatch"... but when you reply "yes" to the keyphrase, it behaves differently and matches the way I'm expecting it too and it tells me "Good job." So... I'm just wondering if something changed with the ability for xkeyphrases to match seeks...

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