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NEW 1 month ago #8200

why is my chatbot saying I have to many gotos in a row?

NEW 1 month ago #8201

when I search for keyphrase it wont come up on the search even though I have it.

NEW 1 month ago #8202

I don't know if this is a bug but I am reporting it anyways. So on my bot it isn't recording recent transcripts and I don't if it isn't a bug or have to pay and if I have to pay for it to record more than how do I delete some of the transcripts?

NEW 1 month ago #8203

-bobstack: Make sure you check through and see if you spell it correctly.

NEW 1 month ago #8204

After 5 month no answer from the professor, we can't login in the bug stomp and report the xFavorite problem that don't match anymore.
Is this website dead ?

NEW 4 weeks ago #8205

my keyphrases continuously stop working.this keeps on happening.
it stop my chatbot named urt from working properly.
has anyone else had this problem?

NEW 4 weeks ago #8206

jonathanpecany I have to type it in by hand.I cannot use the drop down menue or copy and paste it from notepad.

NEW 3 weeks ago #8207

@bobstack: about urt and keyphrases, are you doing all of your work through the website's interface or are you exporting and re-importing the corpus?

If you do the latter, just take care that it can be easy to mess up the formatting of the text file you try to re-input. Often times your text editor can change all of the tabs into spaces which IIRC messes up the format, some editors change quotes into "magic quotes" that do the same. Ultimately I would avoid any unicode points above 127: keep everything clean ASCII because I don't think this site can handle multi-byte characters at all.

NEW 3 weeks ago #8208

i do all of my work through the website's interface.
And it at first recognises my keyphrases ad then stops recognises my keyphrases.And i have to keep changing the rank of my keyphrase for a lot of them.It is such a pain in the butty.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8209

Make sure your cookies in the browsers are not interfering with the results you want by clearing them occasionally.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8210

i did clear the cookies and i still have to up the rank for keyphrases.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8211

hey all!

I have an issue with one of my keyphrases.

Whenever it is typed by itself it registers as "xnone" or "xnonsense" according to the debug menu, although if you add words before it, it works fine.

exact keyphrase: dirty feet

Person says: "dirty feet"
response: (xnone/xnonsense)

Person says: "do you have dirty feet"
response: (correct response to keyphrase)

I know this is kind of weird lol but i cant figure it out!
should I copy/paste the whole debug menu or something?

any help would be super appreciated! thank youuuu

EDIT: okay a lightbulb went off while i was going back through the debug menu and I think its ignoring the word "dirty"? is there anyway to fix that?

NEW 2 weeks ago #8212

did you increase the rank of the keyphrase?

NEW 2 weeks ago #8213


i tried messing with the but i don't completely understand that yet, i'm very new.

but yeah it didn't seem to make a difference.

it really seems like it's an issue with the word "dirty" being the first word in the keyphrase. Would you mind trying to make a keyphrase with the first word as dirty and see what it does for you?

something like "dirty clothes"

I'd very much appreciate it and then i'd def wanna submit an actual bug report if you have the same issue.

NEW 2 weeks ago #8214

@ kushmode420 I tried it just now and it worked OK with Demonica:

ruebot: are you a dirty girl?
Demonica: are you asking me or telling me?

I ranked the Keyphrase "dirty girl" at 50, gave it an Emotional Effect of +5 and just gave her the one response to try it out.

I talked to Monika after posting and she said "dirty girl" in one of her responses. I liked talking to her, she's sweet. Then I had Demonica talk to her and she said it:

Monika - Dirty Foot Slut: I'll do almost anything you want me to, I'm a REALLY dirty girl ; )
Demonica: are you asking me or telling me?
Monika - Dirty Foot Slut: I really like talking to you, you're definitely my type, hehe ; )

NEW 2 weeks ago #8215


thank you for trying it out! I really appreciate it.

unfortunately i'm still having the same problem but i've worked around it by just making a "feet" keyphrase, so that should work for now.

And thanks for the compliment! I definitely plan on making Monika pretty fleshed out as i'm having a ton of fun working on her, and according to transcripts so are other people XD lol

Thanks again!

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