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NEW 7 months ago #8183

How to do I make my chatbot talk like other chat bots like you type a lot then you have people type what is in asterisks or quotes I tried seek and that isn't working this site is annoying me like hell and I think it is broken the staff isn't responding

NEW 7 months ago #8184

Like this? For example
You walk into the house "walk in"
How can I make my not work like that I tried using seek and all it did was block the first message before the seek response? I am getting mad at this website

NEW 7 months ago #8185

show us a picture of your setup and what happened.

NEW 7 months ago #8186

okay,ok,mmm and mmm yes as keyphrases does not work?

NEW 6 months ago #8187

Is anyone else unable to log in to the bug report form using your usual PersonalityForge credentials. Is there a bug in the bug report form?

NEW 6 months ago #8188

I have that problem.

NEW 6 months ago #8189

@Bowchickawowers: yep, it tells me "Invalid Login Details".

NEW 6 months ago #8190

OK, thanks @bobstack and @jkroker. I've emailed The Professor about this. We'll see if we can get it resolved so we can keep stomping out those bugs!

NEW 5 months ago #8191

Is anyone else unable to view keyphrases that start with Y in the alphabetical list? I can only find them if I click on matches, which is quite annoying.

NEW 5 months ago #8192

@Winterfeed, keyphrases that start with Y work for me. Does it help if you log out and log back in?

NEW 5 months ago #8193

@Bowchickawowers, I've just come back and logged in after a couple of days, and this is still a problem for me across two different bots. The letter Y simply does not exist in the selection links at the top, nor do any keyphrases starting with Y appear in the alphabetical list.

NEW 3 months ago #8194

to be afraid does not work for a keyphrase for Rachel wick the chatbot.

NEW 2 months ago #8195

When I check the transcripts for my bot Siseneg it shows the current date and I can see where people I recently mentioned him and The Forge to in another forum have talked to him.

However, when I clink on the "Todays Date" option for Demonica's transcript it defaults to the date Monday, Nov 24, 2015. Any transcript I try to download only dates back to May 2017 for availability.

I can see in her inner life memories where words I have just added to her vocabulary are included as memories associated with users, but there is no way for me to see any new chat transcripts for her.

I'd really like to see how my new Queen of the Dead material is working out with guests. Some of it is disparaging replies to sex talk, since that's what most people seem to use her for, and I wanted to see their reaction.

Does it need to be cleared to make more room for new transcripts and I'm just not seeing it at the moment? I am prone to substitute coffee for sleep...

NEW 2 months ago #8196

keep clicking on next on the transcript page to get to the last page.

NEW 2 months ago #8197


It was stuck at Nov 24, 2015 and every time I tried to click on a calendar date in June 2018 it kicked me back to Nov 24, 2015.

I finally got it to work by clicking on a day in May 2018, then clicking it to the next day till it became current.

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