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NEW 4 months ago #7633

Thanks, Emily, much as I expected. Just have to get this big aiscript change done... Really brings home the size when you go through the file line by line!

NEW 4 months ago #7634

I would swear that, back in the day, it was possible to store a custom plugin as a memory from a bot's response. If I made Frizella mad, she'd pick a rude nickname for me from my rude nickname plugin and then refer to me by that name until I convinced her I was sorry. I'm certain she called me Dirtbag on the regular, or any number of other insults in my custom plugin.

Now if I try to remember a (p:whatever) custom plugin I get a message that the AIScript statement is incorrectly formatted or not valid for Keyphrases. If I change the (p:whatever) to a non-custom plugin in (animal) it works; just not if it's custom.

I can't be imagining that it used to work, can I?

NEW 4 months ago #7635

i store what my chatbot chooses to eat and wear from a plugin all the time.

NEW 4 months ago #7636

bobstack, would you mind sharing what that looks like?

It used to be that if you called Frizella "Frizzy" she'd take offense and say "How rude, I'm going to call you (p:InsultNames) and see how you like it" and store that insult name as the user's only name so that she'd refer to them with that insult name going forward.

She'll still say that, but no longer stores the insult name as the user's only name. The old AIScript is in there but I assume it just skips it since it's not formatted correctly or not valid now.

NEW 4 months ago #7637

rem "food" as only "sheeating";
self: rem "(p:dinnerfoods)" as only "food"

response=i am eating (self-food)
if (mem-lilaithxisdoing) is "gfood";
if (mem-sheeating) is "food";
if (self-food) exists;

NEW 4 months ago #7638

Thanks, bobstack; that got me on the right track. Frizella is now insulting me as she did before, the sweet thing.

NEW 4 months ago #7639

database error keeps on displaying and i have to click on refresh. With all the chatbots on personilityforge when i chat with them request fails.

NEW 3 months ago #7640

So, the once AIScript. It's used for responses, so I'm wondering what the *actual* use for this is. Yes, you can use it for stuff that only shows once, but there's no guarantee of the response with once triggering first? This feels really niche and useless, honestly; I'm using it for voting via a mangled method to stop one person voting many times, but that's all the use I can see unless it has an undocumented feature of prioritizing that response? And you can't even use ranks to up it, because they're for KPs/Seeks, not responses!

NEW 3 months ago #7641

it could be used to show you what is in a particular room and eat while talking.

NEW 3 months ago #7642

oops i got it confused with x none.

NEW 3 months ago #7643

it is used in your chatbot with x none to stop asking a question over and over.
And in a response to stop having your chatbot ask a question over and over again.
if a chatbot asks a question over and over again that would be annoying and repetitive i think.

NEW 3 months ago #7644

Makes sense on xnone and the like. Just feels like you've got two responses, one with once and one for afterwards, and you're not guaranteed the once one first. So you're better off using throw away variables for that.

NEW 3 months ago #7645

'once' is pretty much useless, IMHO. I used to use it for similar situations in xnones, but have stopped doing so once I realized that your bot remembers that once has been hit forever... it doesn't seem possible to reset the flag, even if the user logs out and goes away for a long time or whatever. You're better off just using a memory to do the same job.

NEW 3 months ago #7646

would having the chatbots handle multiple choice questions be a good idea?

NEW 3 months ago #7647

Shouldn't be too hard to set up. I think the only thing that would be kind of a nuisance is that PF doesn't have a way to add or subtract numbers together, so there isn't really an elegant way to keep score other than a very painful brute force memory solution.

NEW 3 months ago #7648

i mean questions like.
which of these things is a food? glass,metal,slime,grapes,peanuts or wood

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